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    Just Be Yourself - Define your existence

    What is the art of being yourself? What defines you and makes your worth in your own terms?

    When you just remain to be yourself, you talk with you, you sit with you, you analyse of yourself. You show love for yourself. Why do we people do not think about ourself rather we have a complex that what other people are thinking about us?
    This is because we have a Persona that defines it all, or do we care more about our perceived image among people. Now coming to what persona is "persona is an image of us that we assume people should think about us to be like either in public or in self thought." This persona defines perception of others towards us.
    We should be not be "perception less", but we should be "perception free." We can be like that by not flattering ourselves. But by thinking on being good and unique in ourselves.We need to think about everything from a human perspective not as a selfish perspective. We can only have same level of thinking by being human. There are many more directions to how we define ourselves and how it is being deviated in different angles. Some of the things that we have is 'Superiority' and 'Inferiority'.

    There is this great lady, a great speaker and a very unique and original person indeed and her name is "Caroline McHugh", she greatly explained about how both of the above views or perceptions can be effective to a person's image. Superiority is what is defined as when we want to feel high in front of others and have this thought in our head that "I am the best and outstanding" while being 'Inferior' defines when we consider ourselves to be lower rank or status and small in front of others, and that makes us to be not our self. She introduced the term "Interiority", which says look at your inner beauty and your inner person that holds you and makes you most beautiful.
    The best example we can give to define oneself is take the example of Mahatma Gandhi, one someone asked him "Sir, do you have any message for the people of your country, he said 'My life is my message.'" Great words indeed. Your life defines your existence, your purpose. Your life is a great message that you can share. Your life is the biggest learning and forms the best orientation of all. The true mirror of your life resides in yourself. Problems are impermanent, it will come and teach you. But, if you remain to be just yourself, you will be your best and awesome person ever.
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    Nice thread on self probing. Time and again I shared my views on this topic and I am the true follower. Before others criticize me ,I myself probe daily before going to the bed as to what went wrong today for which I had to taste the setback or failure. By doing such self probing, you are bracing yourself to accept criticism from others and even if some one says so, you wont get hurt. And by defining our existence it means a lot, What for this life has been given to us.Are we utilizing our energy and knowledge towards others. Are we useful to others at times of needs ?. All these things would make us to reform further. Instead of we copying the others by closely watching their life styles and existence, we can set our own way of living. The more simple you are the more the society likes. Not because of poverty. Even when you are wealthy and can afford. Try to be simple , you will be liked and most appreciated.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Each and every person wants to get a good impression about themselves. In that pursuit, we will try to act accordingly so that others will get such impression. We have to want we want to be. People will see us as we appear. So one should have an introspection about themselves. Are we really good? Are we positive in our approach? Are we helping others when they are in need? Whey we are not able to fulfill our goals successfully/ Where we went wrong and how to correct it? All these points are to be thought on our own and analyze ourselves for faults and defects. Once we know the defects and faults, we should get it rectified on our own. It is always better to be good and help others within our capacity so that we will say we are good human beings. Thinking that we are very kind and acting like that aand not helping anybody is deceiving ourselves only.
    always confident

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