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    Determination and dedication. Two important factors for success.

    We will be having so many ambitions in our life. We want to earn money. We want to earn fame. We want to be on the top always on all matters. Nothing wrong in these thoughts.
    God has created all of us. He has given all of us equal chances and ways. It is you who has to work hard and fulfill your ambition.
    Nothing in this world is free. Everything you have earn. Certain things may appear as if they are free but no so. To achieve anything and everything determination and dedication is a must.
    Once you aim for a certain achievement, you should make a determination that you will achieve it. be positive and start. Success is yours. If without positive determination if you start achieving your goal will be difficult.
    Trying halfheartedly will never give you a success. You should dedicate yourself to the success of the mission. Otherwise, the efforts will be futile.
    Determine your goal and dedicate yourself to the goal. You will be 100% successful.
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    No doubt! Determination and dedication (along with perseverence and systematic preparation) are the key-words for success. Many people in different areas have proved this time and again.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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