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    What type of vegetable you want to turn to safeguard human life?

    As every vegetable it self has a unique characterstic and produce some vitamins those vitamins helps us to safeguard the Human organs like heart, eyes, bones,stomach. If you eat Carrot they have high values of carotines which helps for our eyes.Tomatoes are good for heart as Tomatoes are rich in folate which helps the production of oxygen-carrying red blood cells those are helpful for the heart pumps.A ginger which is helpful looks a lot like the stomach it is renowned for settling.
    Sweet potatoes help to stabilize the blood sugar levels of diabetiecs.knowledgeable members,please respond to the question.
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    Majority of leafy vegetables and vegetables are very good food for human being. They contain various vitamins and proteins which are good for our life. But there are some vegetables like Potato which are very rich in starch (Carbohydrates) are not very good. They are supplements to rice or wheat. Eating fewer carbohydrates and more vitamins and proteins will give you good health. Tomato is good but we can't eat too much of tomato as they will form stones in the kidneys. Mushrooms are also very good for proteins. The mushroom can be consumed for getting good proteins.Carrot and beetroot are good for improving iron levels in your body and haemoglobin content in blood. They can improve athletic performance, lower blood pressure, and increase blood flow.
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