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    Are we raising kids the right way for the changing society?

    Many of grew up in extended joint families and yet the current trends are towards nuclear families. We were taught to be polite, respectful and honest and yet in today's world people with such traits are trampled down by others. We were taught to share and give everyone a chance but now it's a highly competitive world with cut-throat competition.

    We all grew up believing that a permanent government job is often the best option yet there are MNC and corporate jobs that are high paying and people keep changing like in a game of musical chairs. Most of us were brought up by parents who are naive, kind and good-hearted but yet the world is full of people who are smart, clever and calculating.

    So friends, are we raising our kids with the right set of skills to survive in this changing world. I'm not referring to education, games or finance.
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    I feel kids today are automatically adapting to the changing circumstances. I have seen children today themselves are very much aware of every single thing. You do not need to tell them anything and they themselves grasp from whatever they see around them, either it is good or bad. My mother runs a day care centre and I see children everyday, they are so much understanding that they will eat their food themselves, will not irritate anyone. You just need to teach them once and they will learn. I will give an example of my uncle's daughter, while I went to but her a toy from a shop. While discussing with the shop owner about which toy she wants to buy, she quietly asked me "Didi, I think this toy will cost us very high price, should we buy that?" This surprised me a lot. A little girl only in 1st standard, knows these things so well. Children follow and capture what they see their parents doing, sometimes they do not even need to be told.

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    Yes more than the grown ups, the children are at the receiving end to face the fierce competition from day one of their birth and they have to cope up with changing trends and competition in every walk of their life. The crucial 1 to 5 years of nurturing must be done at the hands of elders and that would be the basic for any child to get acquainted with relations and emotions. But in the name of jobs and transfers, we are keeping away the budding child away from the elders and they are denied the basic nurturing skills. Education wise too , if we are not giving the right dose, the children are left behind and no one would care.
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    This generation kid is very clever and very intelligent. No need that somebody has to tell them. They observe and imbibe. They have so many facilities to watch and learn. TVs, smartphones and internet. These are all available to them. So they grasp easily. But yester years kid wasn't having these facilities. So they were more dependent on their elders. The elders teach them and make them practice. That is why they learn whatever taught. The order of the present day is they select whatever they want.
    I want to mention one of my experience with my brother's son. My brother's son was in 4th class. He came to our house. He has taken my phone and came to me. He asked me the year of my birth. I asked him why he wanted that. He said he wanted to open my phone. How do you know that my year of birth is my password? This was the question I asked him. His reply was, many people are having this practice, we discuss in our school among our classmates. More than 90% of the children told that the passed words will be generally the year of birth of the owner of the phone. Then I told him that I am in the 10% group. Immediately he asked me the year of birth of my wife. Really, I astonished. How fast they are. I told and he opened the phone and started playing on that. Children these days are so quick and smart.
    We need not think that we are bringing up our children. They are coming up. We have to watch and try to correct them if they are going in a wrong way.

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