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    Life cycle of a human being is Miracle.

    Hi Everybody,
    Today I wish to talk about the topic " Miracle". This word suits more to human beings than god's miracle as we all have heard in old stories. I am not saying that is false that is also true and also what I wish to discuss is also true. Our life will be sweet with memories of our childhood. But it suddenly changes with a drastic or miracle change when we grow up especially when we start keeping our first step to family life especially when we become a father or mother for our first child. All of a sudden we start behaving like adults and we forget all our childish behaviour with our parents and become very cautious towards our children and about their future. That is not thought in any school we learn it by life. So I feel becoming a parent for our first child is a miracle change in our life i,e men and women life.

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    Yes the author has rightly observed that our life cycle is the miracle and we are all bounded by surprises during the course of our growth and with this write up the author has well connected with the tow topic.
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    It is true. Life itself is a miracle. We don't know where from we are here. We don't where we will go back. In between these two so many steps. Really life is a miracle. Sometimes very unexpected things will happen. Sometimes expected things will not happen. We want do something but something other will happen. Life is full of unknown things and unknown happening. But we think that we are doing everything. That is how life is a miracle
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    Very rightly said, our life is full of miracles. Every single day, we come across something shocking and even something exciting. Some type of miracles occur to us as teaching and some we take up as experiences. The biggest miracle are we the human beings , there exists an amazing system inside us which gathers so many information and carries so many feelings with it, revealing them at the required times.
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    Well said - being a parent is a miracle. from a carefree, outgoing, person with plenty of energy, people especially men are transformed into responsible, serious thinking fathers who are always cautious in what they do so that they can give the best for their children.

    To me this miraculous transformation starts from marriage, hence my choice of marriage as a miracle.

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