Don't expect miracles always in life.

Life is a gift of God. We have to use the chance and should make it great. As a human being, we will have certain aspirations and ambitions in our life. We have to plan for fulfilling our aspirations and ambitions. We should make a roadmap and we have to follow the roadmap. In between, we may be facing some problems and difficulties. We have to overcome and see that we reach our goal well within the time. Instead of that, you should not expect a miracle to happen and get your wish fulfilled. Miracles will not happen always in life.
If you want to eat a fresh fruit form a tree simply starring at the tree and fruit will not help. The fruit will not come to your hand on its own. No miracle will happen. You have to climb the tree and pluck the fruit. Otherwise, you have to take a big stick and cut the fruit with a knife at the end of the stick. Another option is to use a stone for the fruit to fell down. Instead of that if you stand and stare, the fruit will not fall down. Similarly, for any wish to fulfil, your sincere attempt with proper planning is required. Expecting a miracle to happen always is futile.