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    Star of the Week award- 17th to 23rd Sept '17- Winner!

    This star has been shining in the ISC sky for quite some time now. But we were waiting for the same to be become more clearly visible. Though a bit restricted in spreading the light, we have no hesitation in announcing that the Star of the Week 17th to 23rd Sept is Pooja Srivastava. Pooja, as a new member, has established herself as a valuable contributor to ISC, especially in the forum section, and has been exhibiting interest to improve and learn. She is passionate and is clear with her ideas. Hence the award!

    The winner will get a cash reward of Rs 250/-

    Friends, please join me in congratulating the winner of the Star of the Week award.
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    Congrats Pooja Srivastava, a well deserved award for quality thread and thoughtful replies, Very active in the forum with timely replies, unhesitating in express views. Best wishes for many more such awards.

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    Congratulations Ms. Pooja for adding one more feather in your cap. I was expecting this announcement with your name only as I have observed your excellent participation in forum discussions.
    All the best for your future.


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    Congratulation Pooja I hope you continue to contribute to this site forever.
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    Pooja Srivastava, Please accept my congratulations for the award and recognition you have achieved on this educational site, wherein talent is always recognised and encouraged. You are best suited for the award. I hope you will continue your good work on this site and get much more recognition like this in the coming days. Best of luck to you and have a bright time on this site.
    always confident

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    Thank you Saji Sir... My big big thanks to all of you people on ISC.. I cannot describe my feelings at the moment, thank you so very much. I just write out whatever I feel, though very very simple, but I always try to work on, if I am told to correct anything. I have been trying to improve more.
    I would also thank Natarajan for his nice words, Padmini , Mr. Saroj and Rao Sir for the appreciation and wishes. I am learning from all of you people over here.
    Once again Thank you Saji Sir, your words and guidance have encouraged me to improve .

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Congratulations Pooja, it's a great delight to see your name as the star of the week and I have been expecting your name for quite some time. Your contributions were certainly notable in every section. Keep up the zeal and looking forward to reading more of your write-ups.

    My heartfelt wishes for your achievement!

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    Congratulations Pooja for the 'Star of the Week' award. I knew that the day is not far when you will get the coveted award. Your contributions are really awesome and thought provoking. I always read them with much interest.
    I know that this is only the beginning and many more laurels await you on your way.
    Best of luck.

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    Congrats to the SOW (Star of the Week) Ms. Pooja Srivastava. Great doing. Keep going. May God bless you.
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    Congratulations Pooja. I wish your valuable contribution to the ISC community will motivate the new comers to achieve their goals.

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    Hearty Congrats to Pooja Shrivastva for winning the start of the week this time and surely that was a wonderful decision on the part of ISC to honor the member who was not only consistent but made some wonderful contributions so far.
    K Mohan
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    Congratulations to Pooja Srivastava for winning the Star of the Week award. This award definitely encourages the members to contribute more and get recognized at ISC.

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    Congratulations to Ms. Pooja Srivastava for winning the Star off the Week award. I am sure many more laurels await her in future.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I was waiting for this announcement for long time and finally I got this opportunity to congratulate this rising star of ISC. Congrats! buddy, your posts are always awesome and you pour your knowledge and experience in them. I hope you will keep up this work in the future. Best of luck for your next endeavor.

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    Pooja Srivastava,
    Congrats on your success. I have noticed the way you raise threads and the unique nature of your threads dealing with Day to day issues mostly but having great points towards society in general. it is no surprise and welll deserving. This is my first congratulation to a fellow member of this site. My best wish for your further endeavours in this site.

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    Thank you so much everyone Neethu, Nomita, Mr. Sun, Mr. Balamuralikrishna, Mohan Sir, Rizwan, Partha Sir and Gaurav for the wishes and encouraging words. I would keep trying and will maintain the spirit of writing. It feels delighted to be a part of this forum. Seeing motivation from everywhere.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Thank you so much Gokul Sir for your kind words. I have been learning a lot from all of you people. Though sometimes I do not understand how to express myself, but I try do it to as much as I can. Even right now, I am not able to get words to thank all of you in a beautifully and precisely expressed manner , like everyone here does. I am sorry and I will definitely improve on that too.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Congratulations,Pooja Srivastava for winning Star of the Week award- 17th to 23rd Sept '17.
    I endorse the realistic introductory comment on this thread by Lead Editor. That aptly says it.

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    Thank you Venkiteswaran Sir.. for your kind words.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Congratulation to Pooja Srivastava for winning Star of the Week 17th to 23rd September for her valuable contributions in ISC especially in Forum section. Hope this award will motivate and inspire her to contribute more and more quality posts to all the sections of ISC.

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    Congratulations Pooja. A well-deserved award. Your contributions are indeed noteworthy, makes one think. Thank you for raising the bar on the forum. Keep up the good work and hope to read more of your good, insightful pieces. Keep posting.
    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Thank you Ramakrishna Sir and Juana Mam for the words of appreciation.
    Do what inspires you !!

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