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    Education committee should think before setting the syllabus

    Today I wish to discuss in this forum that primary school children should have portion according to their age. Why I am mentioning because I am teaching tuition to a child of the 1st standard. The portion in composite science is surprising to me. That is about evaporation, solar system, planets etc all these chapters should actually come in 5th standard. These chapters are not there even for my child who is studying in 4th class. To understand those chapters I feel the 1st standard kid is too small because at the 1st standard we should teach them about plants, environment, the different type of fruits etc. What a first standard kid will understand evaporation, planets etc. This textbook is set by the school committee itself. It was very strange when I heard this. I think it's not recognized.
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    Yes. It is true. Nowadays some private schools are trying to make the student learn more than the standard syllabus prescribed by the Government. Parents also encourage the sam.e They think their child will become more intelligent and get higher marks. They Start IIT foundation classes from class V. WHat a student of 5th class will know about IIT. What the schools are doing is in the 5th class they teach them the 6th class syllabus. It is giving unnecessary burden to the student. But parents wanted this and schools wanted more money. This is the order of the day.
    Before deciding on the syllabus, there should be a review by the committee and also understand the abilities and the stamina of a student of that class. Instead of that including more and more topics is nothing bur straining the student. Ultimately the students will get panic as the syllabus is very tuff and heavy.

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    Yes the author has raised a important issue that in the recent past advance study is being imparted even to the tiny tots as if they are going to be prepared for the entrance exams right now. In the name of Olympiad and long term IIT courses, the primary section students are given more education much to the surprise of students and the parents. Most of the parents are not aware of this advance syllabus and thus when the child is unable to understand and so as the parents, they are forced to impart tuition to the child so that extra classes can be dedicated for the new subjects and portions to understand.
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    Well said sir, I teach (try) my son 4th Std Hindi, that even I find it difficult to understand and we have to ask for help for neighbours for grammar issues. Today's schooling is all based on who many books a child can carry, how many complex projects can the child complete, how many lessons can be crammed in a day.

    I do not think the policymakers have any thoughts from the child's viewpoint. Can the young mind take this load of all the subjects, more importantly, does he/she need it? Every few weeks we read in papers of children need counselling to cope with the stress of studies and sadly children who end their lives, unable to cope with stress.

    Are school packing syllabus and activities in a manner that they look better in the competition? Is the syllabus designed to justify the high fees and donations? Are parents equally responsible for wanting more and more? Most of us would agree it would be a combination of the above.

    I'm sure that many parents would need to look up the internet or brush their own knowledge before they start helping their children complete their homework. This is the Irony of our elite English reputed schools that we middle class working for families ( including myself) put our children after paying a good chunk of money and only to realise later that we need to send our children to tuition and masters (like the authors).

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    The private schools are becoming a business places. There is a nexus between the govt. education departments and the managements of these schools. The govt. run schools are not good. There are no teachers, no proper sitting arrangements, no facilities of drinking water and toilets. Such a situation compels parents to go to private schools.

    Private schools are getting advantage of the helplessness of the parents. First they have a exorbitant fee structure. Secondly, they will provide the books and other learning material for which they get good commissions from the publishers. The books, uniform and bags are to be purchased from the schools.

    The govt. education officers and the promoters of these schools are some time hand in gloves in squeezing parents. They appoint untrained teachers and other staff which otherwise become a security threat to the students. I saw some private schools only minting money without any appreciable results.

    The state govt. and central govt. have no education policies. I saw some of the state govts. are using state run schools as the places of political propaganda. The curriculum is decided by the politicians. I saw most of the politicians are running many private education institutions.

    This exploitation in the name of education will continue till the govt. increases the education budget and the govt. schools and colleges are given full attention.

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    I am quite confused as to how a school can prescribe a text that is not approved by either the State or Central education boards. Can a school have it's own syllabus? I doubt. As a responsible teacher, I feel, you must take up the matter with the school authorities and must also check whether the school is recognized by the competent authorities. We may have to regret later if corrective measures are not taken at the right time because it is the future of the children with which such business establishments are playing with.
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    Thank you for your valuable responses. As the Mr. Saji Ganesh has mentioned that it might not be recognized, I too have the same doubt and have asked the parents to ask the committee of the school regarding the syllabus because it is a question of the child's future.

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