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    Miracles happen even today!

    Arpan was sitting like a statue, his eyes fixed at the monitor showing the blood pressure. There was no movement and it was showing like a straight line. Does it mean Ramesh, his dearest friend, is no more? Even he, a renowned cardiologist of the city, couldn't do anything to save his friend!
    He knew well that Ramesh had heart problem since long. He had diabetes also. Whenever, Arpan had asked him to come to his nursing home for a thorough check-up Ramesh ignored it laughingly. "Don't worry. God is always merciful and He will surely do some miracle to save my life" he would often say.
    And that morning, he got a panic call from his friend's house saying that he had fainted suddenly. Arpan didn't waste any time. He rushed to his house and brought him to his nursing home. A thorough check-up revealed 90% blockage of his heart.
    He called Dr. Khanna, his senior who advised for immediate bye-pass surgery. But on the operation table he faced a cardiac arrest and the condition deteriorated. The blood pressure came down to zero and the monitor stopped showing any movement.
    The doctors immediately started cardiac massage and blood pumping. Every second was precious. Seconds ticked to minutes but there was no improvement. Twenty minutes passed this way and then the doctors decided to perform bye-pass surgery. The operation started after another ten minutes. By then, the monitor started showing a slight movement and the doctors continued their task.
    While washing his hands, Dr. Khanna said, "Arpan, you must thank God. The operation is successful but it is one of the rarest of the rare cases that I have seen in my life. Generally, if the oxygen supply to brain is stopped even for four minutes, it can cause serious complications but here it was stopped for more than ten minutes."
    "It's nothing but a miracle," another doctor quipped.
    "Yes, my friend also believes in miracle." Arpan could only say.

    P.S: The story is based on a real incident that happened some days ago at a hospital in Sonbhadra district of U.P. Only the names have been changed.
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    Yes. Miracles can happen anytime. any day and anywhere. We can't predict a miracle. It will happen like that only. That is why they called it Miracle.
    I was travelling from Chennai to a town in Tamilnadu. I don't know how to speak Tamil. I don't understand also that language. That is the night. I was going for an interview. The Bus was stopped by the side of the road. The conductor got down. I informed the driver by showing my one finger and got down. By the time I returned back bus started going. It was not in the place where it was stopped. Just I have seen the bus going. All my original certificates are on the bus. To my surprise, a person was going to that midnight alone in the same direction of the bus. I just stopped him and I got onto the scooter. That person helped me by travelling fast and overtaking the bus. The bus was stopped and I get into it.
    I feel it is a miracle only. Otherwise how that scooter came at the same time to that place. I thanked God for the help. However, I expressed my joy and thanked the scooterist also.

    always confident

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    Finally , here we got to see one more real life story that was based on miracle. Finally we come to realize that miracles are completely unthinkable, something that is totally out of our thoughts and absolutely out of our expectations. And that is what we call a miracle, something that happens in reality, but seen shockingly by the eyes. Something that was bound to happen, worsening the situation, but it did not happen, and just opposite happened, the guy survived and he was alive and happy. This is what is called miracle. Nice story Nomitha.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    An excellent example of miracles, that I've briefly touched upon in my replies to Pooja Srivastava's thread on miracles. Every doctor worth his salt will say that many a time a patient lives not because of fancy medicines, not because of sophisticated qualification and technology but because the patient was destined to, the only difference is that the mere mortals were not aware at that time.

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    Our life itself is a sort of miracle. We do not know from where we came and where to go after death. The whole universe is full of miracles.

    Miracles are also the spice of life. The uncertainties make life enjoyable otherwise we would be like machines.

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    I agree that miracles happen even today. There are many mysteries beyond human comprehension. There are any number of things beyond human control. So miracles are bound to happen. Those who do not want to admit that, use words like coincidence,exceptions etc.

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