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    Having a soft heart is a sign of courage

    I have normally heard from people that be strong, this world is very cruel and you need to be strong enough to survive here. Everybody just play games with each other, and tries tactics to win either by hook or by crook. Why do we see this world as cruel and rude place, and the people as tough and harsh. And why do we keep saying such things to people, to change their nature or to make them live with the changing attitude of people? Why cannot we see this world as a beautiful place to live. And why not as a place where thoughts come from heart and uttered by mouth.
    People need to understand that those people who are soft hearted, actually are more courageous, to express themselves, their feelings. It is not easy for everyone to verbally express. It is their own way of seeing beauty in this world. Even sensitive nature of people has the same role to play. It is easy to be strict and rude, but it is really tough to be soft and calm. Soft hearted people speak their hearts out, they are transparent in their thoughts, whatever it is in their mind, they just say it. So, never underestimate such people with heavy thoughts of rude world. Because everybody is awesome in their own way and so they carry that strength in themselves. Having a soft nature is a great attribute which one should adore.
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    Yes those who have soft heart and has the ability to deal with others in a cool and composed manner can take apt decision and he is also respected well in the society. On the other hand those who are angry and expose their weakness of outburst in front of others cannot even think of taking risk and therefore they may postpone the things for no reason. As far as possible we should not loose our temper and cool and be patient for the things to unfold to a situation where in drastic actions are required to be taken. Such persons are most liked in the society and they are given more respect.
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    Being soft and expressing clearly your thoughts and opinions openly in a polite and direct manner can't be done by all. It is definitely an art. Even we disagree with the opinion of the other person, the way in which we express will make a lot of difference. Bluntly telling that you are wrong, may hurt the feelings of others. Instead, if we say in a polite and humble way but very clearly the other person will have a lot of impact on that. This is very difficult to practice. But many people especially in our professional life if we try to be very soft and tell them that what they are doing is to be corrected, sometimes they think that it is our inefficiency. But we need not worry about that. We need not lose our cool in any case and we can be firm on our point. Being polite and firm in our opinion should be the way we should behave.
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    In my view, no child would want to grow up to be"hard hearted" or a rude mannered person. It's the soceity that makes it happen (barring a few people who be choice be rude).

    A growing mind is continuously exposed to family members, relatives, other children at school, working staff and neighbors. As an adult stepping out in life, we are exposed to various types of individuals (deceit, greed, jealous, egoistic) who affect us day in and day out. So subconsciously we mould ourselves to have a tough exterior so that people don't take us for granted.

    Imagine a soft-hearted, transparent good-natured individual, I would love to be like that. But once you are taken for a ride, sidelined for a raise, skipped for a promotion, handed all the mundane work, overridden always even by your juniors, then you slowly change yourself.

    Yes, we need to be cool, composed and polite with people who deserve it. When we are likely to be mistaken for a push-over with these good qualities, then we have to put our foot down and send the message that sorry, that's not on!

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    I heard this somewhere." A person who can't cry when he/she wants to, is weak". I couldn't understand until I experienced it myself. Sometimes it pains not because you were weak but you were strong for too long. Even clenched muscles hurt after sometime. We restrain our emotions and thoughts for too long often. You kill the human in you silently and violently.
    Being able to express yourself without any problem, is a sign of good emotional and mental health.

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    I think a person with soft heart as the term is understood need not be courageous. A person with soft heart and a logical mind is a courageous person. Some time soft heart becomes a taboo for you. You can not take proper decisions. The soft heart means a person benevolent to the fellow creatures and taking care of the sentiments of all. Logically, its very difficult to be a person like this.

    A person with a logical mind can access the situation and find out its solution based on logic. A person may be kind to others but it is illogical to think that he would be reciprocated in the same way by others. Many situations come when you have to take hard decisions without loosing the spirit.

    So, soft heart with logical mind is a better combination.

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