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    Save Forest Save Mankind

    We humans have been cutting down tress to fulfill our basic needs. Trees are the major resource of our living. They give us oxygen. Oxygen is responsible for our breathing. It helps in our blood circulation. Forests are the home to multiple species of animals and birds. Many creatures are getting endangered and extinct because of the cutting down of forests. We need to protect and preserve them. Due to increasing urbanization, forests are being cut at a very fast pace. This has caused many species to lose their homes, and because of this, they roam around sometimes in cities. Few months back, there was a news in Haryana, that a leopard was found roaming on the road. When investigated, they came to know that because forests on Aravalli hills was being cut, this animal lost his home and that was why it ventured into the city in search of food. Later, some villagers killed the animal, to save their lives. Animals need to be protected and should not be killed to satisfy human needs.

    The major effect that deforestation has caused is the depletion of our ozone layer. The layer which protects earth from the harmful radiations from the Sun; the layer which protects earth from the UV radiations that brings in great amount of heat. This layer has got a hole in it as we all know and the size of this hole is increasing day by day giving way to more harmful solar radiations. This is causing another major problem and that is Global warming, greenhouse effects etc. The temperature of earth is rising continuously which is causing a lot of changes in the weather conditions. The weather changes that we see, any time cold and any time hot weather, is due to the impact of global warming. Even in winter season, we do not experience much chill in the weather.

    Trees protect us from heat, they keep the earth's temperature balanced by giving shade.

    It is the need of the hour to protect these species and preserve our forests and our environment for the sake of mankind. Plant as many as trees possible. The more we plant them, the more our future generations will be safe and the more their lives will be saved.
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    When we are not helping out to rear a tree or plant, how can we stoop to the level of cutting or destroying the trees which are naturally born and brought up in the forest. In the garb of housing and Industries requirement, the mankind has been so ruthless in destroying the eco balance by removing and cutting trees , thereby paving way for modern development. One thing is sure in future some private people would be managing the forest of their own and they would be charging the people for inhaling the oxygen while having a stroll in the small private forest. Such things are going to happen.
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    I hear you. I have witnessed wildlife being destroyed. When I was a kid the area bordering our colony was a forest area, inhabited by a lot of wildlife. Over the years, the small hillocks were blasted away and the jungle in my backyard became a concrete jungle. This was in the heart of the national capital.

    Fast-forward to the present. My present residence was away from the maddening crowd, away from the hustle bustle of the city. We woke up to fresh morning air, to the shrill calls of birds that we'd seen only in books and National Geographic. It was a haven. At night we could hear the foxes and sometimes be lucky to spot them. We had pelicans gliding in our path, as we drove in our car. Migratory birds would nest in the small water body just in front of my balcony. The morning and evening skies would be dotted with migratory birds flying in V formation.

    All that is lost now, for all around there are concrete structures mushrooming. The beautiful birds have shifted, and now we have crows, mynahs and pigeons for company. I have seen nature being destroyed, but I am responsible for it too. Where would I live – I need a place to stay.

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    Trees are required for the existence of mankind on this globe.What is a waste for us, is the food for the trees. They are helping us in two ways one is they are cleaning the environment by consuming the waste gas generated by us and in turn, they are giving us the life by giving oxygen. Not only for our life but also for our movements also they are helping us. If there is no oxygen in the air your motor vehicles will not move. Fuel alone can't burn without oxygen. So cutting trees is very bad and unwanted. But unfortunately, the forests are getting converted to concrete jungles. In my childhood days, we used to hear sounds made by various birds from the treetops and used to give a lot of pleasure to us. But these days we don't find any bord in the cities. Not only in cities but also in villages the fertile lands are getting converted to multistories buildings. It is high time we should be firm on not cutting the trees and we should protect the mother earth. Otherwise, a day will come that like we are purchasing water now, we may have to purchase oxygen also. Even then there is no chance to remove the carbon dioxide you are leaving out without trees. So say no to deforestation.
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    I recently read a post on WhatsApp which read like this,

    "If trees provide free wifi instead of oxygen then probably humans would have considered before chopping them off"
    Though we are all aware of this fact that natural resources are very important for human life to sustain yet refrain from taking necessary steps to preserve them. Small steps that we take can make a huge impact for the future generation.

    Let me cite an example for that, one day as I was walking along I saw that they were putting up high wired steel wall over the bridge. The water under it was so dirty that it stinks when we go above it. So this was put up to stop people from throwing garbage into the river. They also put the huge garbage can both the ends so that people can throw them into the can instead of into the river. After few days while going through the same path I saw a man who was going in bike through a garbage bag over the steel fence into the river. How sad is that?

    Let's see another hypocrisy, we say that we shouldn't cut down trees, when we buy some lands, we ourselves cut down trees to build homes. We speak let us save the forest, but by the end of the day, people need homes to stay.

    What can the solution be, I don't know if it can be possible if we are cutting down trees lets ensure that we plant few as well. It may take many years to grow but these are the treasures that we can leave for the future generation instead of pollution.

    A very good thread by Pooja!

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    The problem is the growing population. We need infrastructure to cater for the ever expanding population - factories, houses, schools, colleges, roads etc. And for developing all this, we need land. Our cities are already crowded and we are now encroaching land abutting cities and towns.

    Many years ago on a road trip from Visakhapatnam to Orissa, we crossed a long stretch on the National Highway that was being broadened and being made into a six-lane highway. The number of trees that had been cut down for this project was shocking. Chopped down tree trunks were stacked along the sides of the road, in huge piles. I remember commenting that it looked like a graveyard for trees.

    Years later, we did the same stretch, the roads were well laid, but the tree cover was sadly missing.

    I have seen so many highways being constructed and trees being chopped. However, the trees are not replaced. Most of the time saplings are planted. These are either eaten by cattle or die because of no maintenance. Trees should be replanted. There is technology available where huge trees can be uprooted and replanted.

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    "There is technology available where huge trees can be uprooted and replanted." : Yeah exactly, I saw a video of that where a crane comes and instead of cutting the tree, it uproots the tree from the root and takes it some other location where it is replanted. The sight was so satisfying, I hope it comes to India very soon or is it already available in India, then we should definitely make use of it.

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    Nice thread and comments so far, everyone knows the value of trees and most good minded citizens try to save few hundred trees along a stretch of road close to them when literally thousands are destroyed every day by industrial giants.

    Just last week, a news article reported that close to 20,000 acres of forest land has encroached in Kerala and only 1.5% has been reclaimed so far despite courts directive. It is estimated that around 3.5 billion-7 billion trees are cut worldwide every year (timber, agriculture, resource mining, roads, and wildfire). This translates into 55600 trees being destroyed every minute globally.

    Adding on to this, In India alone, huge amounts of land ( more than 250 sqkm) are being released for 'non-forestry work' which means for human needs directly or indirectly. In the last 30 years, India has lost vast tracts of forest for industry and development. In the end, government officials are concerned as to why human-animal conflict is on the rise (simple answer is that man has ruthlessly destroyed forests and animals have less space).

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    Apart from people led aforestation drives, we need the commitment from the major offenders that deforestation also will be slowed down. Some good work is being reported from many parts of the country. One such program is 'A million trees for Delhi ( by 2027', I don't live in Delhi, so not sure how much of this is really happening.

    Since 2012, Mr.Deepak Ramesh Guar (Tree Man) from Mumbai has embarked on a project to plant a billion trees.
    Jadav Payeng (Forest Man of India) was awarded Padam Shri for single-handedly creating 1360 acres of forest from barren land. All he did was plant one tree a day for 30 years and he created the Molai Forest.
    If one man can start such a mammoth task and another complete an equally more challenging project, certainly the MNCs, Government, and Industries (private & public) can contribute much more.

    Saving forests is one area wherein I feel that much every the common citizen does, it wouldn't be enough if the major offenders continue plundering our jungles to support our GDP.

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    All of us know it, but how many follow this? So far as rampant de-forestation is concerned, I would say that the inhabitants of forests (I am talking about human beings) are not guilty. Greedy businessmen from cities destroy forests causing extinction of wild animals along with it. We must take care of these greedy businessmen instead of blaming (directly or indirectly) the people living in the vicinity of the forests.
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    A very good thought Pooja but how many of us follow it is the question. We all have an excuse that we are busy with our routine schedules. And on the other hand, some money minded people loot our forests. Animals are getting extincted, climate and weather conditions are changing, people are facing scarcity of water ; all these are the causes of deforestation. But still we do not care and that is the saddest part. I feel there should be strict laws in the country and the enforcement of the same should be done without any bias; only then people will be little scared of destroying mother earth's wealth.

    Leave about forests, we the humans are now cutting down the trees in our vicinity to constructs buildings. Later even for a single fruit, we have to depend on the grocer. Why do we invite such situations? All of us should have few trees in our compound based on the area of our plot, so that you can breathe fresh air and can eat something that is not chemically created.

    India was a country of rich heritage, but now its forests are cut down or turned into wild resorts. Rivers flow with minimal water. Everything is exported for the existence of the country's mankind. I believe only with the help of our government, we will be able to protect our forests from the current situation. Hoping for the best,

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