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    A suggestion regarding uploading of photos.

    This suggestion is based on the observation that we have a few members who are interested in photography and have been uploading photos clicked by them as attachments to forum threads. It is suggested that you should utilize our photo section to share the photographs of your school/ colleges or of places that you visit. Such an effort will add further content to our section and also will ensure that you earn better from this site.

    For details regarding the type of photos we accept and other requirements you are requested to read the response by our ME at #607426 in this thread.

    The purpose of this suggestion is dual in that, firstly we do not want the forum to become a platform for sharing photos, and secondly we would like our photo section to be rich in content and to gain popularity. Please do not forget to add a good description to your photographs.

    Happy clicking!
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    A good suggestion made by Saji. However, my observation is that most people who post images in the forum do not share self-sourced images. They indulge in copy pasting. Even the latest image shared in one of the threads is copied from the internet.

    Members need to share authentic information. The image that I mentioned is that of Phnom Rung Historical Park but has been shared on ISC as Konark Temple.

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    The photo referred to in Juana's response above has now been removed and the thread deleted as soon as the mistake was noticed. It is quite discouraging to note that {edited} members are not being responsible enough while posting contents. I fully agree with Juana that members must make sure that they are sharing authentic information. Please do not get carried away by photos and messages being shared in social media sites or Whats App as the possibility of fake news or pictures (including photo-shopped ones) being spread through such medium cannot be ruled out.
    Members are requested to post only self-sourced images and also give an undertaking to that effect while posting photos.

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    Thanks for the update Mr.Saji Ganesh. People love to see images or picture rather than reading a response. An image often tells an unwritten story.

    I see no harm in taking an image from the net as long as
    - the authors do not claim it as their own
    - give due credit to the original source or website
    - the image does not hurt religious sentiments or initiate violence and
    - the image fits into the moral codes.
    - relevant to the thread

    I think it's too harsh to point out a senior member, we all make mistakes if it's a regular occurrence with a particular member, then, by all means, enforce strictly your rules and regulations. But if one has made the error for the first time, I request you to have some leeway for such members.

    A much more amicable way would be a general statement, then a private message to the member in question.

    I'm worried now, I have posted an image for my reply to the "MUDDLE"quote, I've taken an image from the net and given credit to the website.

    Just my views, I don't know what the other members feel.

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    Natarajan, it would have been nice if you had gone through the link provided in the thread before posting a response here.

    And, I did make a general statement only and the specific reference to seniors have now been edited as per your observation. It is quite human to connect and read; I didn't mean it though.

    Can we please stick to the topic now?

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    It is a good suggestion. Our own clicks with some initial description if we post in the photo section, we will have more than one advantages. Your CC will be more and it will get more views. It is advisable to limit photos in the forum section. Advice is to be taken positively and should be implemented.
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    Thanks a lot, Mr.Saji Ganesh

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