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    Why people of all faiths visit Ajmer Dargah?

    The Ajmer Sharif Dargah is a famous Islamic Dargah in Rajasthan, India. Millions of people of all faiths like Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and Jains visit this Dargah every year. The Ajmer Dargah houses the tomb of a Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. It is surprising that people of many faiths visit this place to offer prayers and seeking the blessings. N. Chandrababu Naidu visited this Dargah in 2006 when he is out of power and donated Rs 50,00,000/. The enmity between Hindus and Muslims in India is well known. Then why Hindus go to this place? People who visited this place say that it is one place in India where people of all religions live in harmony without any religious bias. Why it cannot be the same everywhere in India?
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    It is true many people from Hindu religion visit that Darga. Similarly, in Vemulavada Rajarajeswara temple campus, there is a Muslim worship place. Many Hindu's visits this place also during their visit to the main temple. Really Hindu's are very tolerant. Both Hindus and Muslims are friendly and they will never generally quarrel. But only the differences are created more by these political leaders.
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    Mainuddin Chisti Dargah (shrine) is stated to fulfill the wish of people. So, many people following Hinduism also visit the shrine. Film-stars also visit the shrine to seek success of their films.

    I also visited the shrine and I appreciate the intricate baroque design which can be seen in various parts of the shrine.

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    Really speaking in general public there is no bias among religion, many Hindus visits Vailankanni Church and Nagore Dargah near Nagapattinam,Tamilnadu. I have gone and worshipped in both places. Many Hindus are getting treated their children through Dargah and Mosques, we are seeing daily. Many muslims and christians visiting Hindu temples with prayers without bias. In Bangalore Chiller area I have seen many muslim girls with children at the entrance of a Human temple. In our Sairam area one muslim owner of a construction company is the main contributor for pooja performed for Ayyappa,Mariamman and other temples. So, the bias among religion only for politicians and public personalities.

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    I think it is a matter of faith. It is faith that makes people visit places of worship, not belonging to their religion. When they hear of other peoples' prayers being answered, they choose to offer their obeisance and prayers seeking blessings, for themselves.

    The Basilica of Our Lady of Vellankani, in Nagapatman, has devotees of all faiths offering prayers. During the annual Feast of Our Lady, the premises is packed with not just Catholics, but also people of other religions.

    The Ajmer Dargah is popular for the same reason; people visit to have their prayers answered. And they visit again when their prayers are answered. It is customary for political parties to offer 'chadar' at the Dargah.

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    There are many such examples in the country wherein common people visit places of workshop of other religions. When if comes to the hour of need and when we hear that a certain place of workship is truly worth visiting, then people would go.

    It is the belief and faith people have in Almighty. Though we cannot see God, when we hear that at a particular temple or masjid or church prayers have borne fruit, then if raises the hopes of people in difficulty that yes, we stand a chance to get over this crisis or difficulty if we visit that specific place. I've known of childless couples travelling to different states to offer prayers even if they don't even know the deity or religious practice in that place.

    Infant Jesus Church, viveknagar, Bangalore is one such place where in many Hindus go to offer their prayers.

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    Indian people are the most disturbed lot. We face problems and challenges within the family, within the society and in relations. Over and above our daily needs are not met and we are constantly in search of solace and good living conditions. In that regard we also go to many places of worship which may give us immense satisfaction. Over the decades the famous Mainuddin Chisti Dargah at Ajmer has been the epitome of faithfuls from different religion and there is strong feeling that those visit there and do prayers, the woes are addressed forthwith. So even Hindus visit this great shire and seek blessings. What I also came to know that there is a big kitchen in which people would throw all kinds of eatables like rice, dall, tamrind and Mirch and the end product is served to all the visiting devotees. Such is the power of this great shrine.
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    Just for the sake of discussion, I would like to bring out two points in this thread that caught my immediate attention. The first one is the title itself. I was thinking why the author opted to mention just Hindus in the title while the reference is to people belonging to all faiths in the content. The second is the assertion that the enmity between Hindus and Muslims in India is well known; are all Hindus and Muslims enemies? The thrust in the thread would have been different if not for the question at the last as to why people across India cannot live in such harmony. What I said is not aimed at the author but I do think it is the result of a basic attitude that we nurture, actively or passively. Please don't misunderstand me but I was merely trying to look at it from a different angle.

    I know, as many members have stated above, that there are many places of worship in India which are visited and prayers offered by people cutting across religions. I would like to add the famous Sabarimala temple in Kerala which is the abode of Lord Ayyappa. There is a shrine dedicated to Lord Vavar or Vavar Swamy who was a follower of Islam and is said to have been the closest friend of Lord Ayyappa. As per prescribed custom, one has to offer prayers before Vavar swamy before climbing the steps to the Sanctum Sanctorum of the main deity. People belonging to different religions offer their prayers there.

    People visiting shrines irrespective of their religious beliefs is proof of the fact that God is one; we have given Him different forms to suit our beliefs and convenience. It is our faith that prompts us to offer prayers at a shrine that does not belong to our religion.

    Having said that, I would like to mention that it is the Hindus who appear to be more open in this regard (which is an equation that might change due to change in circumstances) and people following other religions, especially the followers of Islam, face restriction to some extent which may be due to difference in the way the Almighty is conceived.

    I am also one among those who would like all religions to co-exist peacefully in total harmony; but forces that want them to hold grudge against each other appear to be more powerful.

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    Very good observations by Saji. The title mentions Hindus only but not the other faiths whereas the content mentions all the faiths. I should have mentioned people of all faiths instead of Hindus as the title and content do not match. I am a Hindu and my interest is to know why Hindus are going to a Durgah to pray and seek blessings. There are many Hindu temples famous for fulfilling our wishes.

    All Hindus and Muslims may not be enemies.In the present day context, Muslims are regarded as a threat to the country. Some extreme Hindutva groups are commenting to the extent that the Muslims are trying to exterminate Hindus. Hindus are more than 75% of the population and Muslims about 15% to 17%. How improbable is the comment? Right-wing Hindutva groups are trying to develop enmity between Hindus and Muslims in India. India is a secular country by Constitution. Hindus, Muslims and other religions coexisted with harmony since a long time. Now the Muslims in our country are not feeling as secure as they were a few years back. Journalists and Writers who support secularism are threatened and some were murdered in the recent past. The public is watching all these as mute spectators. I hope the public will realise the facts and live in harmony with all the other religions.

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    The title is corrected after the observation of Saji.
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    "Right-wing Hindutva groups are trying to develop enmity between Hindus and Muslims in India. India is a secular country by Constitution. "

    I am not going to the past. The very recent events in Jammu & Kashmir. West Bengal, Kerala and Assam suggest otherwise. Many people believe that so-called Hindutva force is reactive in nature to minority communalism in India. The present Government has come to power because of blatant appeasement policy and astronomical corruption of the previous regime. If people try to ignore these facts, they will again be disheartened in the next election.

    So far as Ajmer shrine is concerned, I know that many people of Islamic faith who follow Wahabi ideology, avoid this shrine (and also other shrines/majars).

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    It is not exactly the question of hindu temple or muslim shrine. In this world everything sells and only thing is it should have fancy of the people and should be popular.
    This particular shrine is famous means in past there would have been some intelligent and visionary Muslims or their friends who must had started the news of effectivity of the worshipping at this particular shrine by any person of any religion. So the efforts of those people have a great result that all the people started to visit there. Now it has become a known place that all the people can visit there.
    The main thing is earnings of this shrine has increased tremendously due to these marketing efforts.
    Unfortunately this world is like that. People simply follow others and do not use their mind to see the logic behind that. There are many places like that in this world where people from all the religions visit with faith and try to get their problems solved by those divine powers.

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    The biggest and strongest attribute in the human life is faith.

    If a person is having faith in a particular temple or masjid he will only go there to fulfill his desire.

    I have heard many people to say that if their child qualifies in a particular exam they will go to tirupati temple and offer their prayers. Faith is something which can not be understood in a materialistic way. It is a type of support humans take to strengthen their inner powers specially in the time of adversity.

    So if people are having faith in Ajmer shrine they will go to that one irrespective of their religion.

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    I want to share one information here which is concerned with faith. When people get into severe illness and those who are affected with some extra ordinary powers from unknown sources, they are bed ridden and even lost their lives. There is a Murshad in a Mosque at Tadbund in Secunderabad who can weed out evil powers that dominated and rules in a person and also make him normal person. All he does for free and no favor taken. Naturally the visitors to this mosque are more Hindus than any other caste and they get immensely benefited. So faith works here too as does at Ajmer.
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    Only few people consider people in other religion as their enemies but majority is not like that. Be it Hindus, Christians or any religion they might have faith in Ajmer Dargah, hence they are visiting. It is actually a good practice.

    In Kerala, Sabarimala is a very famous Hindu temple. There is a Mulsim mosque - Vavaraswami's mosque near Sabarimala temple. Mostly every Hindu devotee first visits this mosque before going to Sabarimala. This a practice been followed as Vavaraswami and Sabarimala Ayyappan were known to be thick friends.

    It s high time we put an end to these caste system and this world will be a better palce to leave in.

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