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    Some less known facts of Gandhiji's life.

    On Gandhi Jayanthi, the birthday of the father of our nation, I thought of refreshing his life history and achievements. I found some unique facts that were new to me.

    Mahatma Gandhi served in South Africa's (Natal state) major war known as Boer War. He raised a group of Indians to form an Ambulance Corps and helped to shift injured soldiers to safety.

    During the first world war, Gandhi set out to recruit Indians to enlist in the British Army to help them in difficult times and to learn to handle weapons. This was not liked by many in the Indian National Congress.

    At Durban, South Africa, the post office those days had two doors. One for white, one for blacks. Gandhi successfully fought to get a third entrance that would be for Indians and Asians. This was viewed by some that Gandhiji promoted racial segregation.

    Although Jan Smuts (a South African leader) had to imprison Gandhi, he treated him with respect. Gandhiji gifted Smuts a pair slippers handmade by himself. Smuts wore those slippers for 25 years and said that "I (Smuts) have worn these sandals for many a summer, even though I may feel that I am not worthy to stand in the shoes of so great a man (Gandhiji)."
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    So unknown things of Gandhiji are made known through this thread. The service he has done to South Africa is very well known. But we don't know that he has given handmade slippers made by him to Smuts and he wore them almost for 25 years. Good information about Gandhiji on the day of his birthday.
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