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    What did you buy from the first payment that you recieved from ISC?

    I am still wondering what special thing should I buy from the first payment that I received from ISC. I would like to buy something special which can stay as long as it can and in the memorable way by which I can say that this I earned by writing.

    My first payment was Rs400; with this I want to buy something special. I was thinking of buying an ink pen or diary, If you can share what you bought from that first payment may be I can decide as well and make a better decision. Maybe recollecting that moment when you first received your payment would be a nice throwback.

    Any and all suggestions welcome.
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    My first payment from ISC was Rs.300/- only. It was 2011 payment. But as I don't know the procedure how to apply and as I discontinued the activity on ISC at that time, I have not claimed it. Again I restarted working on ISC from November 2016. At that time I have followed the procedure and uploaded the invoice and ISC is always true to its words, made me the payment. I received the payment in 2017. The amount was credited to my bank account and I have not purchased anything separately. It has gone for usual expenditure only. But I remember the honesty of the site always. The payment of 2011, they might have refused to pay in 2017 as many people do. But they are good enough to pay the amount to me. I always thank them for their good gesture. Quantum of money is not important but standing on the word and honouring their member with old payment is really great.
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    I remember when I received the first payment from ISC though it was meager but it helped me a lot to pay the fees for my son at the school level. Normally when a payment comes handy during the strict budget in our life, even small amount matters big for us and the same I am sharing here. In those days monthly fees has to be paid for the children and even small amount would greatly help to add and pay for the fees. My son who is about to receive the payment sooner or later has already told me to use for myself. That shows his concern for me and he knows how difficult to earn money and spend.
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    The happiness of getting my first payment from ISC is beyond explanation. To be honest it was my first time writing online and I was not sure whether I will actually get the payment. So I was really glad to receive it. But I didn't withdraw it for more than a year and by then I had other payments coming in from ISC. I clubbed it all and gifted the money to my dad during one of our festival. I don't remember me getting anything for myself from the money I got from ISC. It is mainly because I don't withdraw it then and there and I will keep it aside for it to accumulate and then I use it for something useful. I can recollect, once when I was badly in need of money, the money from ISC came for help. Thanks a lot ISC for your prompt payments.
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    My first payment, middle payments and last payment are sleeping safely inside the bank account book. There was no need for me to withdraw that hard earned sum in pieces of one and two. I wish to donate the sum to any needy ISCian if in need. So far I have earned 40 ks through ISC and Google.
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    I do not remember if I did purchase something special with my first payment but it made me very happy to note that one can make money online also.

    I was just wondering about the time when few people joined online activities like running a channel in YouTube and like that but at that time revenue generation was at higher side as less people shared it. Today because there is a heavy rush of people working online naturally revenue generation is quite low.

    Anyway the thrill of first payment will always be there and it will be remembered as the first milestone.

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    the first payment big or small is a joy to hold. it's a token of appreciation from ISC for our interactions in various ways to keep the website lively. Must applaud the noble gesture of SuN to donate some earnings to needy.

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    I received my first payment after 3 months of joining and till that time I was not sure about this site and its payments. I was contributing regularly just because I was enjoying it and the cash was accumulating in my dashboard. Finally, my name appeared in the list of payments and I uploaded my invoice. After that, I used to check the bank account regularly. It was just to check whether the amount has been credited or not. After 3-4 days of invoice upload, my payment got credited and it was Rs. 1000/-. I was so happy that day.
    I bought small cake and celebrated with my family. Since then, I have not used my ISC earnings till date and the money is preserved in my bank account only.
    I am really grateful to ISC administration which has made me trust this online earning site because most of other sites are fraud.


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    Glad to read all of your experiences, as Mr. Natarajan said, "the first payment big or small is a joy to hold".

    It is also very generous of Mr. Sun to make such an announcement. I hope he soon finds a needy person and benefits him/her.

    Thank you, everyone, for sharing your experience. Now I am yet to decide what to buy?

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