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    Registration clarification

    I would like to know if two members from the family can register in ISC and work from same IP address. Is there any issues regarding this, I would like to know the details.
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    Yes, this is allowed as long as rules are followed. The rule is not to misuse this permission by earning through referrals of the family members or in other ways. Please read why duplicate/multiple/family accounts are no longer allowed.

    Also, with regard to Google AdSense, please read point #4 in this guideline AdSense application best practices

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    Yes in fact all the family members can join as the member under their individual name and work for this site from the same computer. No issue at all. But care must be taken that one would not interfere with others content and copy the same. As long as our posting guidelines and rules are followed, there is no issue. ISC has been following strict rules on copy right violations and one should not share the copied or any content that already appeared on the internet elsewhere. As long as one maintains his own identity and way of writing on own, ISC would be welcoming such inclusive participation.
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