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    5th October is International Teachers' day

    From 1994 onwards October 5th is Internationally celebrated as Teachers' day. The celebration started commemorating different teachers' organisations throughout the world.
    Teachers day in different countries are celebrated on different days. In India it is on 5th September, the birthday day of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, the second President of Independent India. He himself was a great teacher. Some of his students approached him once and requested to allow them to celebrate his birthday. He did not allow to do so. However, he agreed to celebrate it as a day to remember and respect all the teachers. He believed that teachers should be the best minds in the country and each should be respected.

    In Indonesia (25th Nov) the birthday of teachers association is recognised. This Association gives importance to the commitment of teachers towards students. On the teachers' day (20th November) in Vietnam students would visit teachers at their homes and wish handing over flowers. The birthday of great Confucius, September 28, is the teachers day. In Chile the birthday of teachers association (Oct 16th) is celebrated. May 16th is Malaysia's teachers day.

    Any way it is good to have at least one day to remember one's teachers who could inspire hope ignite the imagination and instil a love for learning.
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    Good that even a International day for the teachers honor has been allocated to remember all those teachers who stood as mentors for us during the life. While India celebrates its own teacher day grandly across the country by awarding and rewarding eminent teachers who showcased their talent for many reasons. Telangana government has been honoring the best teachers every year on 5th Sept and that includes performers even from private schools. Nevertheless teachers cannot be forgotten by any one. As we are heavily indebted to them as because of them we are today able to lead a successful life.
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    Though not a one day affair, I would take this opportunity to pay my respects and love to all the teachers who have been instrumental in grooming my thoughts and life. Teaching has become just another profession today but it was not so earlier. I wish that people with responsibility to the society take up this profession so that it helps in building up a stronger and safer generation.
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    Teachers are the creators of society and they are the makers of tomorrow's citizens. Teaching is not a profession it is the way of life for people who are really interested in making this society with people with ethics and morals. So Indian culture has given a good position to a teacher. They say,"Guru Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo maheswara. guru sakshat parabrahma, tasmia sri guruve namaha.
    There are many teachers behind me in my life who as imparted wisdom and knowledge in me. They are responsible for my life and position today. From this thread, I take the opportunity of expressing my gratitude and salutations to them.
    Dr Sarvepalli Radha Krishna is a great teacher who taught in foreign universities about our culture and philosophy. He is responsible for remembering all our teachers today. Respects to him

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    Thanks for all my teachers who have put me here so that I can reply to this thread that's a tribute to all Teachers.

    Every child who goes to school looks upon the teacher as a family member for all their perceptions of joy, sorrow a person to confide in. The teacher is instrumental is slowly shaping the immature mind, imparting knowledge to get through the exams and also wisdom to get through life. As children, most of us would have disliked a particular teacher because he or she would have been strict or harsh. Now we would be thanking the same teacher as we understand their invaluable contributions at various stages of our education.

    I think, if the fear component and the exam marks and grades are slowly weaned off the system, children would start liking and respecting their teachers more from their hearts. Ultimately, teachers play a crucial role is getting the child ready to face the world as a responsible member of the family, their professional community they choose and the society as a whole.

    If the Government and the corporate giants earmark a substantial fund for the benefits of the teachers, it would be a kind gesture, rather than wasting money on a one day function that would be soon forgotten.

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    On the occasion of International Teachers' Day, I express my deep gratitude to my parents, my elders who have taught me many things, my teachers in school, college and the universities where I studied and also many others who molded my character and gave be value education beside academic knowledge in various ways during my journey in the world.
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    On the occasion of International Teacher's Day, I wish all my teachers a Happy Teachers Day. Let all of them be blessed with good health,
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