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    How will you differentiate persons as rich or poor ? I say those who are with nil ill they are rich

    Gone are the days when we used to differentiate a person or a family which was rich or poor by taking into consideration their wealth, property and bank balance. But now those who are with no disease and not going to any doctor nor spending for any illness, they are considered the rich and most adorned. We know the hospitalization charges even for small aliments run into thousands. So what is the use of having so much money and also having so much disease and all those earned goes to doctor and medicines. Think on this and respond.
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    Mr Mohan,
    There are two rich things. One is financially richness and the other is healthily richness. There are many billionaires and millionaires who are financially rich but cannot consume a rice grain. There are many billionaires and millionaires who are healthily rich but have no square meals to eat. Ill minded people are not poor but heavily rich with money, but the nil minded people still remain poor for ever. They long and keep longing to gain some money. So financial richness is the richness that everyone want to have.

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    In Telugu, people say health is wealth. Many people may have a lot of money, a lot of jewellery and a lot of lands but they always have some or other health problem. So they have to spend time by going round to the hospitals and spend money. Then doctors will have a lot of money and they got all medicines and services free. Hence these doctors are the rich and healthy people in the world. A man with good health and sufficient money is the luckiest man in the world, in my opinion.
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    According to me people who can sleep peacefully with no worries are rich. I wish one day I will also be rich.

    People who do not have any diseases are lucky .

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    Wealth is just one component or measure of richness. Health is wealth. The so-called rich people, work very little, cannot eat to their heart's content, exercise often to lose their belly. The so-called poor, work harder than others to eat meagrely often have their belly half empty.

    Being rich in my view is to have an affordable lifestyle, being healthy, enjoying life without any worries, having a wonderful family and if not able to help others, at least not the harm some.

    Yes agree with Chitra, genuinely rich or blessed are those who can hit the pillow peaceful and have a sound sleep because there are many who are materialistically rich but have to take a handful of tablets to have a pitiful sleep.

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    Going by Chitra's response I do get sleep within 5 minutes of my retiring to the bed and I goes to deep sleep the whole night without disturbance. Is that mean I am rich ?
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    I would say that you are the richest person in ISC for having extra rich ISC points to your credit. Though you sleep peacefully at night, your passion to earn points keeps you rich at ISC.

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    I did not mean how fast you fall asleep, but if you are able to go to bed with out and disturbing thoughts and is peacefully, Yes! I define it as rich. The author has asked for individuals opinion and this my view. It might not be the view with others and I am not forcing anyone else to stick to my point. Somehow I was not able to solely agree with the authors opinion of a person who is healthy is rich. As my definition of rich includes this as well.
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    Health is wealth, It is a proverb not realty. Diseases may come to anyone at any time. Today you are healthy tomorrow you may join the queue of sick people. As the human become older he becomes prone to health problems due to various reasons and some of those reasons can not be avoided. Life style, eating habits and food adulteration is the main cause of health problems. If you have good health you can earn and if you have enough money can get good treatment.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    Everything has its own richness. For a person, the richness comes in his happiness. Worried are the poor and the happier are the rich. Nothing in this world is permanent, and richness is not an exemption to this. It varies time to time.
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    Very good point by the author. Nice to read many members views. As per my aspect richness belongs to the person's nature. I mean to say that truthful, honest, hardworking, not blaming other's unnecessary and make them unhappy, by not laughing at anyone like criticising them by having those qualities makes you a rich person, I believe that. By doing so you will have peace of mind. So peace of mind will give you health, wealth and even good sleep not only in the night at all times when you wish to take rest for some time.Having money or no money without any peace of mind is not worth it.

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