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    Why people are silent?

    The news about a prominent person's business affairs is making rounds for the past four days. So much of activity is seen at the national level by various political parties. The media and the public are mute about it. Are the people afraid to question? This is a democracy and all the people have the right to question when a wrongdoing is reported. The truth will come out as the case is before the court.
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    Is it about Amit Shah's son Jay Shah?

    To some extent yes, people are afraid to speak, because when they speak against the government or the PM their properties are getting vandalized, and when you make a public opinion they get trolled and even threatening calls. Recently when a celebrity spoke his mind about PM, he got heavily trolled and also he was tagged as anti-national.

    If the news is to be believed, then surely the amassed wealth that Jay Shah has accumulated is questionable. How much truth is there, I guess we might still need to wait. As of now waiting for PM response to this case when he strongly keeps saying that he is against corruption.

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    The thread has been definitely trying to indicate the allegation of business irregularities in respect of Jay Shah, son of the present BJP President.

    "The media and the public are mute about it. Are the people afraid to question? "-Mute? Some media-sharks (Yes, I call them sharks) are shouting through their roofs about the alleged business irregularities of Mr. Jay Shah, son of the present BJP President.

    So far as the allegation is concerned, I want to submit the following few things:-
    (a) The article has beeen published in The Wire, whose blatant anti-BJP attitude is infamous even in the circle of anti-BJP journalists.
    (b) The article has been written by Rohini Singh, who earlier used to work in the Economic Times. Just before the landslide victory of BJP in UP, she predicted that BJP would be going to loose UP election badly.
    (c) The article the link of which is given below, destroys the allegation. Please read the following article:-
    (d) As far as I know, Jay Shah has filed a defamation case against The Wire and Rohini singh. Now the anti-BJP brigade is shouting about unfairness of defamation case. The present thread gives an impression as if Jay Shah is an accused in a Court case.

    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

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    Generally, in ISC the threads on various rumours without proper evidence are not allowed. Anyhow the topic is indirect but it is directly hitting the recent rumours and news in anti-BJP media but no neutral media is published it. So I feel it is rumoured intentionally. Elections are coming. No scams or corruption at the highest level. So something is to be created to confuse the public. With that intention, only this is attempted. If there is any 1% truth also the accused will never go for the defamation case against the newspaper and the writer.
    The case is in court and the truth will definitely come out. I don't say that people are afraid. They know that always it is better to 1% corruption rather 100% corruption. It is better to have at least one eye rather than becoming blind. This is the concept.

    always confident

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    # 611449
    "The present thread gives an impression as if Jay Shah is an accused in a Court case." How can you say that when Jay Shah himself is the petitioner? The facts will come out as Jay Shah himself filed a defamation case against the news channel and the reporter. Let us not get excited, the facts will be known soon once the court goes through it.
    Why are the BJP and its followers are so vociferous in defending Jay Shah when he is not even in politics?

    The main thing is that the Ministers of Central Cabinet Piyush Goyal, Smriti Irani, Rajnath Singh defending Jay Shah on public platforms. Rajnath Singh went a step ahead and declared that no investigation is required as such allegations come up from time to time. Another disturbing point is that Additional Solicitor General is permitted to take up the case on behalf of Jay Shah. The permission is granted with a lightning speed. There seem to be legalities involved in allowing the ASG to take up the case of an individual.

    Whatever may be the credentials of the news channel and its reporter,

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    # 611451:
    How can you say this is a rumour? The person concerned has already gone to the court with a defamation case. How do you define a neutral media? Do you mean to say that the media that support the Government is neutral and those comment on the Government as partisan? The cabinet Ministers are already defending the individual and with the permission of the Government, the Additional Solicitor General is taking up the case of the individual. Do not be partisan. The matter published may be right or wrong. Let the court decide its merits.

    So you support 1% corruption? Corruption is corruption whether it is 1% or 100%.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    We all say that law will take its own course. But as far as politicians are concerned, the law will always take a different course to safeguard the interest of the politician and their family. Whatever may be, and whoever may be, we need to wait and watch the proceedings.
    No life without Sun

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    BJP leaders are camping in Sonia and Rahul's constituencies to divert the corruption charges. Amethi and Raebareli people are very lucky to have BJP's instant love on them.

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    #611659: "The truth will come out as the case is before the court."-This sentence in the main thread gives the impression that Jay Shah is an acused.

    Jay Shah is not an accused in the case, he is the complainant. The defendants are The Wire and Rohini Singh. The defamation case will take care of such malicious propaganda. When the President of a political party is subjected to malicious propaganda, it is quite natural that other important members of the party would defend.

    So far as ASG's appearance is concerned, as far as I know, ASG can appear on behalf of private individual subject to prior intimation to Government. If I am factually incorrect, kindly rectify.

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    I am not supporting 1% corruption. I think you have not completely read my thread. I have also written that it is better to have one eye rather than blind. When you have only two options you have to go for the better one. That is what I communicated. If there is a choice for 0% corruption. Yes, let us all go with them.
    Why I called it a rumour if it is a real one our media might have focused it much more. The coverage is not there and no channel in India is having a fear of the Government. So I considered it as a rumour. Mr Shah has gone to court as there is no truth in the issue and unnecessarily his name is getting tarnished. The ministers are telling us that there is a court case on the matter no separate enquiry is required. That is true. Let the court come out with the truth.

    always confident

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    Such high profile cases are like doctors held for negligence or mistakes. Before one can verify the facts, they undergo "Trail by Fire by the media and social platforms".

    The recent story of the Raymond founder's claim that he is homeless because of his son. His son, stating his case has come out that he's worked hard for 35 years during which the shares of Raymond have gone up by 50% and it's the board's decision for not giving a flat (that is grossly undervalued) as this would affect the shareholders.
    So truth in could be on either side in such cases that make national headlines. Once we know the facts, I'm sure the people at large will certainly express their views.

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    Who knows Jay Shah is innocent of the claims made by "The Wire" and the reporter or an offender? That will be decided by the court. Do not make wrong interpretation. Complainant and petitioner are same, maybe with a slight technical difference.
    The ASG appearing for an individual is something very strange and casts doubts. There are lot of comments about the legality of ASG appearing for a common man and also the speed at which he is granted permission by the Government.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    "The ASG appearing for an individual is something very strange and casts doubts."-It may be strange to some people but certainly not unheard of. This is not illegal.

    I request all Members to read the following article for in-depth knowledge on the allegation:-

    No comment on journalistic ethics of The Wire or Rohini Singh.

    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

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    I am confused as to what the author expects from us or the public?

    The thread says" The media and the public are mute about it". Strange. It is the media who brought the matter and made headlines. It is the media are keeping the subject alive and spreading it.

    The public- By themselves. the general public is never interested in such things. When such things are floated by media or politicians, public take them with a pinch of salt and just glance over them as time pas and leave it. The public has more important matters concerning them like price of petrol, price hike of LPG, rail fare hike, shortage of vegetables etc. Why the media is not dealing with them? Media and politicians deal with such things only when they feel they can benefit from blowing up such matters and keeping them alive.

    Are the people afraid to question- Whom to question? Question the media and vested interests who may be floating rumours, half truths or non issues? Public have experience that the media and political interests just ignite the fires and enjoy. Then they simply leave this and go to some other matters that are more sensational. The public now knows these tricks very well. The media themselves are highly biased now a days. They hide some truths, spread half truths and even lies, and exaggerate some trivial issues as if they are very serious. They present biased views as per their leanings and benefits. They never apologise or own up their mistakes when something turns out to be wrong or lies.

    The reality is that in fact eve when media were crawling and bending for vested interests and corrupt elements and inimical interests, it was the general public and patriotic citizen who came to the streets and protected the system, democracy and freedom of this country. The public will do same in future also if need comes. The public are always vigilant and know how to protect the nation and its freedom.

    The public has to get convinced that wrong is happening. For that the media has to report facts convincingly and not sensationalise half truths and one-sided views. So they watch and wait for things to be more clear.

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    By the way politics is about allegations and counter allegations and we should not interfere and waste our valuable time. We all know Amit Shah being the head of BJP is doing good spade work for the party to have impressive performance even for this time during next year elections and other parties are jittery about his plans and hence raked up this so called issue. One thing is sure, In India no one can escape from the eyes of the law. The wrong doers would be punished sooner or the later. By the way we can expect such stories in near future too and that would be a treat for public.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    # 611503:
    The thread is raised to create awareness among the members. This thread is to know how others are feeling about it. We are having a lot of discussions on various matters in our forum. What is the use of these discussions? To create awareness, sharing opinions and experiences among the members. This is what I expected of the forum. Some members gave their opinion on this matter.

    The tendency of the public is to vote in the elections and forget about it. They expect the Government to do everything and forget about it. The actions of the Government are to be looked upon and whenever there is any necessity, the Government is to be made aware through media and public opinion. Petrol, diesel, LPG, vegetables are not alone the concern of the public. The policies and actions of the Government shape our life and countries future. We have to be aware of it. It is not that you do not know all these things, but I am expressing in a general nature which is indirectly concerned with the thread.

    Whom to question? We have to question those whom we are questioning about our problems with LPG etc., We had a corrupt Government which was put in its right place. We have to make it clear to the Government the same may be done to them if they do not govern properly.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Partha, we generally do not allow external links in ISC but the same is being allowed in this case as an exception. I have a query. Why are you relying so much on the author of the article in the given link? Why do you want others to believe what has been said in that article and not to believe The Wire? Just because the article in the given link supports Jay Shah? Or is it because the author is more informed and has the authority?

    I agree that Jay Shah and his company may not be guilty of any crime. I also agree that other than being the son of Mr Amit Shah, he has no connection with the BJP. Then why there is a line up of central ministers voicing their support for him? And to be read in conjunction is the perceived silence of our PM and Mr Amit Shah. Why there is a frantic effort by the elected representatives to give a clean chit to Jay Shah? And on what basis is the Additional Solicitor General preparing (he may not) to appear for Jay Shah?

    Now, since he has already filed a defamation case against the online publication and the author of the article, why can't we wait for the Court to decide. Why are we trying to push through an implied innocence? If there are no facts that can be proved against him, why didn't this pro-active government order an inquiry as they do it for others?

    Jay Shah may or may not have committed any crime, let us wait and see. I don't see any reason why one should feel a discomfort when an allegation has been raised against a kin of the top brass of the ruling party. He is also a citizen of India. Or does the ethics and rule change because people related to or following the saffron brigade are considered to be more patriotic than others? Let us wait and see as the nationals and patriots do often advise the so called liberals.

    It would also be nice to remember the sudden growth of Patanjali in this context.

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    "I have a query. Why are you relying so much on the author of the article in the given link? ": I rely on this article because this article step-by-step and logically refutes the allegation of Rohini Singh. I am merely asking others to read this article before commenting for or against.

    "Why there is a frantic effort by the elected representatives to give a clean chit to Jay Shah?"-I have already answered this question. The representatives of BJP are replying to the malicious propaganda against their President.

    "I don't see any reason why one should feel a discomfort when an allegation has been raised against a kin of the top brass of the ruling party. He is also a citizen of India. Or does the ethics and rule change because people related to or following the saffron brigade are considered to be more patriotic than others? "-Who has raised this thread? Is it me? Wo is feeling discomfort? Is it me? Certainly not. Ethics and rule change only in case of RobertVadhra, Karti Chidambaram, Misa & Ragini Yadav.

    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

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    Partha, your response says it all! I will surely come back on this.
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    I, a confused mango-man, am waiting to be educated.
    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

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