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    Unable to add new courses

    Nowadays I am concentrating on writing reviews and updating information in respect of schools and colleges. In this connection, the ME has advised me to add courses in 'add courses' sub-section, instead of mentioning these in reviews or updates. When I tried to do this, I found that many such courses are not available in the already available list. When I tried to add courses in the list, I found that I don't have permission to add courses.

    In view of above, I am requesting ISC Administration to grant me permission to add courses which are not available in the list of courses.

    I also want to know whether I would get points credit and cash credit for adding courses, because I have found that the courses which I have recently added in various colleges are not being reflected in my detailed score-board.
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    Partha, your request has been forwarded for consideration. Please note that one has to take permission before adding courses to the section. This rule has been brought in to avoid duplicate courses being added. Adding courses, is not an open section for any member. Please wait for a response from the section concerned/ ME.
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    You only have permission to add courses to an existing college page, not to the main database list of courses. Is that what you were trying to submit? This permission is not available to any member, but only to editors of the courses' section. In case you found that a course was missing from the list, let us know which one (s). We will check it out. If it requires to be added, the courses' editor will do so.

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    I have been trying to submit courses on the page of Institute of Jute Technology. For example, I tried to add PhD in Fibre Technology and PhD in Textile Technology, etc. But those courses are not available in the exisiting list.
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    I will contact the head of the courses content team and update you about these courses.

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    Dear Partha

    Thank you for informing about the missing courses. Please find them at the links given below.

    PhD Textile Technology
    PhD Fibre Technology

    If you would like to provide description for the courses, please find the requirements below:
    1. Summary to be of 50 words
    2. Description of 400 words (only) in various sub headings

    I will manually credit you for the content at the content development rate.
    Do let me know if you are interested for the same.

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    Thanks Dr. Tamhane for prompt action. However, I also find that there are many other stand courses not available in the list.

    So far as description of courses is concerned, kindly provide a suitable example so that I can attempt.

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    Dear Partha

    Please have a look at the course link below:

    Bachelor of Rabindra Sangeet Honours

    I will request you to provide the list of courses in this thread. I will be able to check and add in the courses in ISC database. If you have long list, I will suggest that you provide 10 courses in one post, let me go through them and will reply back, once I have parsed through them.

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    Thanks Dr. Tamhane. Institute of Jute Technology, Kolkata offers following courses:-

    (a) Ph.D in Textile Technology:
    (b) M.Tech in Textile Technology:
    (c) B.Tech in Fibre Technology:
    (d) B.Tech in Jute Technology:
    (e) Post Graduate Diploma in Jute Technology and Management
    (f) Junior Level Supervisor (JLS)

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    Dr. Tamhane: I have checked the course link sent by you. I am interested to post courses. However, as I have other work/family commitments, I would like to work at my own speed.
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