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    Not adding the cash credit to my account

    In the last article, 25 rupees was credited to me. But it has not yet been added to the earlier amount.
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    Hi. I've seen this with me before because of the unfamiliarity of the site. It should get credited and reflect on your earnings.
    Please try going to the dashboard on the drop-down menu below your name on the right-hand top corner. In the dashboard, there will be an option of re-calculate my earning and re-calculate my points in blue under the points and cash credit(CC) section. once the page refreshes you should see the amount reflected in your earnings.

    If not, please wait for 1-2 days, I'm sure one of the administrators or editors will take it up very soon which is the normal practice.

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    Thanks a lot Nataranjan for your valuable information. I am doing so as you have said. Surely my problem will find a solution soon.

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