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    Mix of culture. We have to be different in our own place.

    With the advancement of technology and MNCs across the country, people are now working in all the cities and hence the place we lived some years before is changed and now have a mix of culture and if we say culture it is not only traditional even in normal day life.

    To quote an example, in Chennai, the seats in the buses are meant on the left side is for women and is followed for quite some years before and when this was the case in Chennai, other parts of state I have seen, the front side is for women and back side is for men and in some places like Trichy, it is right side for women. Also alighting is at the front side and getting in is from back side in Chennai while in other places it is like women getting in and alight from front and men at the back. There are in other parts of the country too the style is not the same pattern as in Chennai and now with the mixture or people from all part of the country, not one cannot strict to the same rule which was prevailing in buses and hence I feel different from other's eye if I follow the set rules.

    This is my personal experience and also I wanted to say in a recent activity of banning crackers in Delhi, it has both support and against views from learned members and one such is tweet by Chetan Bhagat has more remarks when he against the ban and it may be applicable to him that he cannot think his own place(Delhi) during the festival of Diwali without crackers though he is not living now in Delhi.

    So with the above, I feel, with a mix of culture, one has to feel to be different in our own place.

    So, members, you may also come with your own experience when you have seen this kind of situation.
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    Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it may be the other way round. The place where we are staying may appear as our own. Originally I was from East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. Before 30 Years I shifted to Hyderabad. I used to stay in a small town near Hyderabad. We were not able to get a cup of coffee in the mornings in that town and also in major parts of Hyderabad. Only Tea all used to take. Our habit is to have coffee in the morning. We used to feel very bad. We used to think we are in a foreign place even though it is our capital city. Similarly getting a plate of Idly in the morning was also very difficult whereas in our native place even small hut hotel will also have Idly. Nobody was speaking Telugu only Urdu. So we were living like foreigners here. But slowly the culture changed, Hyderabad has become a cosmopolitan city. Tell a name, it is available here. While I was going to the airport around 4 AM I asked my driver to stop the car near a small tent. I asked the driver to get me a cup of coffee. He has gone and brought me the filter coffee. Sea change. Now I feel that I am in my native place. Whatever I used to get in my native place in my childhood all are available here. Recently I observed the climate is also becoming the same.
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    In Tamil there is a saying that "Yadum oorey yavarum Kelir " the great meaning for this small sentence is that we must sail along the culture and rules of the place where we are going or planned to live. We cannot expect same culture and tradition. For example we get ample coffee at the stroke of 4 am in Chennai. But in other places we have to adjust with the Tea. Likewise we the Telangana people are habituated with rice and we cannot live without rice. But in North we find more usage of wheat than the rice. So what I mean to say that we have get along and adjust with the local rules and their lies our best understanding of those people and their culture.
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    I think words are used with different meanings. Culture is something we get over years or decades of following a set of practices (often good) and ignoring the bad or unwanted. What is practised in metros is a mix of events and practices that help to lead a life where people from different walks of life and different religion have to live together.

    What the author has described the buses is not related to culture but a set of rules that work in a particular environment. Bursting of crackers or not are views expressed by people who care for humans and environment.

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    Even in my post, I said we can even take it as a culture though it may literally be referred tradition. have not listed the situation only with a current set of rules but the practices followed about 30 to 35 years with Chennai and other places.

    As far as the second paragraph, after I raised this thread, I have seen a big debate already happened in ISC but there also people expressed on general tone only. But actually, the ban in Delhi is only up to 31st October and afterward, people may sell crackers and people may crack the crackers too and hence what will be pollution after that?

    I hope everyone is concerned about surrounding and environment but the thing is well understood only when people are in the capital during this period. Also, the ban is only in Capital while all the surrounding areas people can crack. All other states, as usual, enjoying the celebration with crackers and in fact more than any year.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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