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    Different countries but politicians have the same motto.

    We are used to reading about corruption and scams running into crores and som many zeroes that it's confusing even to remember. But looks like we are not alone.

    Just this week the papers are filled with reports of corruption at high levels around the world. Pakistan's premier Nawaz Shariff & family have been indicted by anti-corruption bureau, A prominent journalist in Malta is sadly killed because she allegedly exposed corruption at the country's highest office and in China, 440 senior members of the Chinese parliament investigated for corruption.

    What makes them do so, certainly they all have money beyond they need but still corruption continues. Is it an animal instinct, liking the taste of money and can't be given up easily.
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    Definitely it is an animal instinct only. Money in the form of notes will be lying in all these important leader'shouses. They don't what to do with that money. They also know that it is not even useful for burning their body or making hot water for their family on a stove. But they never give up their desire and instinct to earn more and more and they never care about the ethics and values. They always conveniently for get about these important qualities always. They willgoon accumulating money. There are many countries which are front runners in this race very well ahead of India. Pakistan and China are always well ahead of Indiain this competition. The way they deal with safety related matters and worker welfare activities is very inferior. Whatever is the way they want to reduce the product cost ,increase the sale and get more profits. This is the lone goal. There is no way we can stop these corruption practices.
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    Once a person enjoys the life with lot of money, it is hard for them to get back. These corrupted people even though are filthy rich, still loves making money as they are addicted to it. There life style, expenses etc cannot be compared or can be imagined. Hardly we find people who will be satisfied with the money they have. Most of the people even though not corrupted but is behind money only. They do not care about their health or family moments as they are so busy running behind money.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Yes it has become great task for the politicians to win against the formidable opposition and in the process they are bound to spend huge money and also keep their poll promises made last time. Countries may be different but the voters expectations are the same. They want performer at the helm of affairs and not those who make promises, do corruption and vanish. In Pakistan the Military is vigil there. It tows the party leaders for any corruption charges and thus Nawaz Sharif is no exception. From this every leader must learn that as long as they enjoy the good will of the voters they are hero, otherwise they are just zero.
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