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    Why the new play back singers could not sustain their presence even with good voices ?

    We all know the legend Lata Mangeshkar is celebrating 75 years of singing in the Indian film world along with her we have listened to the great voice of Asha Bhonsle, Usha Uthoop, Mohd Rafi, Mukesh , Kishore Kumar and more. All those play back singers have ruled the Indian cinema with their golden voice for decades and even till their deaths. But the so called modern singers who are also having good voice and can captivate the audience, could not make that kind of great presence and they are fading away giving way for new talent. What may be the reasons ?
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    Even after one applause their ego hides their sight towards the goal. Immediately they fix their rates as of senior most persons so they are pulled back. Their capacity and talents are hidden by their ego.

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    There are many reasons for this. One is the number of talented people increasing. So music directors are trying with new singers. Various shows on TV, bringing out the hidden talent into the limelight. So by observing these shows the music directors are getting impressed and giving chances to them. When competition is more it is very difficult to sustain.
    The second reason is the singers who are getting recognition are trying to make hay while the sunshines. So they are spending more and more time in singing by conducting shows and concerts. This is making them busy and not able to give time for these recordings.
    The next reason is greed. The singers as they get popularity, they are feeling big and increasing their rates for singing. When the talent is available and that too at a lower rate, why these music directors will go for costly people.
    These days the demand for singers is coming down due to the availability of talent. These days the names of playback singers are not even shown in prominent place on the screen when the titles are shown.

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    The reasons told by others above are true but we cannot say their growth has stopped as nowadays, there are many avenues for them as many are in popular shows, stage performance worldwide, youtube, album creation etc,, So they are earning equally good in these avenues.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    What I feel is unlike the olden days, now the new singers have many platforms to perform and to prove themselves. As the number of new talented singers are more it will be difficult to give the opportunity to just one person. Many of the new singers are forming a band and are becoming popular through it. I don't feel they need to sing in films to utilize their talents, any platform is good as far as they can portray their talents to the world. Now there is an app named Smule through which young or old singers can showcase their talents and can spread it through social networks. I feel opportunities are more these days when compared to olden days.
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