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    Less service, who is to blame?

    This week starts from Wednesday being Diwali for Tamil Nadu, Naraka Chathurthi in some places and Chote Diwali in different places and Thursday being Diwali for North India and Mahavir Jayanthi, combining with Friday, Saturday and Sunday everywhere like bank, railway ticket counter only skeleton employees are there to perform the work for public and hence public face many difficulties.

    At the same time, public attack them with their sound and words for the slow performance as the queue is much and move slowly and when I waited in a queue asked them to be quiet because it may not be fair on our part to quarrel with the people who are performing but the blame has to be with those who take the advantage of holidays and those who have sanctioned them with leave.

    So some people listened to me and hence we moved calmly towards the end of the counter and work were done, otherwise the issue would have been burnt and still more late would be happened when they struck with the quarrel.

    What is your take?
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    It is true. Many people take the advantage of holidays and add one or two leaves and go on tour. So in many government offices, we see very less staff and works will get slowdown. But public out of their urgency go to these places and shout on the people who came sincerely for working. It is true we will stone the tree with fruits. This will bring in a negative mood to the employees who came for work. So the public should cooperate with them and allow them to work peacefully so that the public will get the maximum benefit. The organisations and their management also should encourage such people who are sincerely working for the benefit of the public.
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    I disagree with the author that "but the blame has to be with those who take the advantage of holidays and those who have sanctioned them with leave."

    Why should the blame be on them? Don't they have the right to enjoy with their family members and what is wrong in taking few extra days as an off? They deserve the holidays for the work that they have done all the year long.

    During the holiday season, I think, we public can have a little more patience instead of bursting at the employees or blaming others.

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    One of the many perks of a Government job is the list of holidays that they get. That apart, we should respect the already overburdened, overworked staff at the busy public service counters like ticket issue or payment counters.

    Agree with the #612504, people make a big show when they stand at a post office or bank about the waste of time and lack of staff, yet the same people will be patiently standing at a popular fast food joint to get their turn to pick up their foodstuffs.

    Most of us would have seen such scenes at banks during the demonetisation drive, I also see this sometimes at hospitals, the poor nurses will be running around giving medicines and checking on patients when some angry relatives will be making noise about lack of a pillow, hot water or a TV remote.

    Many of us are always in a hurry and we often see people sitting at these desks are workers or public servant, once we see them as a public employee or a staff, then our attitude will also change.

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    "One of the many perks of a Government job is the list of holidays that they get. '' Although this is a popular perception this is not entirely true. Even those Govt. employees who are engaged in desk jobs, occasionally have to attend office full-time when the private sector employees enjoy holidays. There are many such examples.
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    During big festivals the government employees would certainly plan long leave along with their eligibility so that they too attend to the functions and celebrations in grand scale. But what I feel that public services like banks, rail and bus ticket counter staff should not be given full leave. Though the counters work with skeleton staff, the department must enlist employees of other religion to work compulsorily on the holidays and leaves taken by the regular employees. That way the rush expected on holidays at the counter can be controlled and pacified, otherwise commotions and tiffs are guaranteed.
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