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    Is it good or bad treating neighbors as an extended family?

    As some people treat neighbors are an extended family and whatever they do. they will inform to the Neighbors and they exchange the food items with their neighbors they invite parties and they will share so many thoughts and also help for an advice and even sometimes the exchange money too.Do you treat neighbors as an extended family?Is it good or bad treating neighbors as an extended family?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    This depends on the wavelengths of the persons. We are very close to one neighbour. The other neighbour's nature will not match to our mentality. So we are not so close to them. Treating them as extended family, exchanging views and dishes, shows our intimacy with them . We can't be very intimate with the people whose mentality differs from our mentality. So we can't generalise the issue.
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    Having good neighbours is partly luck and partly based on efforts from both sides. If the neighbouring families understand eachother and have mutal respect, then I think it's a good idea to treat them as extended family members. Suprising, this works well among Indian communities living abroad (partly due to the financial aspects and the common Indian origin) wherein, kid are picked up from school by one designated person, food is often shared and shopping is also done for each other.

    The best thing about treating neighbours well is that we can depend on them at times of need or an emergency, like we have neighbours who often share food, water plants when one family is out of station, keep on eye on kids when they go out for tutions and sports classes etc.

    When it comes to money we have to be careful as money always is the root cause to sours relationships. In emergency circumstances like an urgent hospitalisation or illness we can certainly lend money but it should not be a regular habit.

    The downside is there are people who would take advantage of our good gestures and often burden us with repetitive requests, regularly leaving their small children at our homes and they themselves go for shopping etc and lastly use our goodwill as emotional blackmail.

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    I think if both the husband and wife are working they might not get enough time to mingle with their neighbor. The relation just ends in a saying Hi and Bye. But it is always good to maintain a healthy relationship with your neighbor even if you do not consider them as your extended family. They are the ones whom you will have to approach in case of an emergency, so be good with them. Sharing food items during festivals and special occasions with your neighbor is indeed a nice gesture. I do share food items with our neighbors during festivals and when my parents send something to me from my native place.
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    It is good only to treat the neighbours as extended family members or evenfamily members. A neighbour to us treated us more than anything. Once we went to Pillaiyarpatti a small temple village for headshaving of our brother's daughter which was nearness to their (our neighbour) village. They asked us to visit their house too. On visiting to their house only we got shocked as they have made huge arrangements to facilitate us. Next month to that they included our names also in their daughter's marriage invitation.
    But the main thing we should never give upour relatives.

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    What I strongly feel that we should not have issues with the neighbor. Why because day in day out we have to meet other and see the face every morning. If the relation is not good,. then it would be hell of the problems for the both. Moreover the children from the neighbors wont care for the tiff between the elders and thus they would keep the relations as it is. Then that would be awkward situation for both the families. What I suggest that , there cannot be too much close bonding, but occasional meeting, with exchange of pleasantries during festivities, participating in the functions and celebrations would always keep good binding between the two. As far as possible small miss givings from either side must be pardoned and the quarrel between the children should not be blown out of proportion as that would lead to sore relation and see off between the two. Therefore be friendly as far as possible.
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    #61250: Valid point ,relations should be cordial and not too close for comfort, Small children certainly benefit by closer interactions with neighbour's kids and learn many things playing, sharing and making new friends.

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    It is always good. "Love thy neighbour"~ Jesus Christ.
    We never know when we might need help. Sometimes neighbours prove to be better than relatives.
    Imagine you ordered something online. Your neighbour can take care of the payment and secure your good until you're at work.
    But make sure you keep few things personal from them. You definitely don't want others poking into your family affairs .

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