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    Is there any relation between vegeterian food and spirituality?

    As some preachers say there is no relation between vegetarian and spirituality but if you observe the people who do Ayyappa Deeksha or Bhavani Deeksha they will not eat any non-vegetarian food until they have given up the Deeksha. Some people will not eat non-vegetarian food on some days as a matter of respect to a particular God. For example, Tuesday belongs to Anjenayaswamy or Lord Hanuman and His devotees will not touch non-vegetarian food on that day. Do you agree there is a relation between vegetarian food and Adhyatmikata (Spirituality)? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    A bit peculiar but interesting thread. In our ancient system of medicine - Ayurveda, it is mentioned that non vegetarian food is the source of all the evils in our mind and body. While vegetarian food brings good thoughts which naturally brings good deeds.
    The present scientific temperament may not agree to this but it was practiced by saints and sages successfully.
    If we believe in that principle of Ayurveda, yes spirituality is linked with it. A clean and pious mind can only meditate and follow the path of spirituality.

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    First of all let me remove the mistaken idea that Ayurveda has said non-veg foods are source of all evil. Ayurveda as not specifically said so. It is true that Ayurveda suggests light fast digestible vegetarian foods rather than heavy non-veg foods when one is sick and vulnerable and one's system is also weak.

    Now, coming to the relation of food and spirituality:
    Food items are categorised as prominent in one of the three Gunas ' viz. Tamo Guna, Rajo Guna and Satva Guna.
    Just as we feel discomfort at night after eating certain type of foods, or feel comfortable after eating certain other type of food, due to their tye foods also impart the respective prominent guna to the person. Regualrly consuming a particular type of food will gradually develop that particular guna in the person.
    As spirituality envisages a state of calmness, patience,and shedding the Tamo and Rajo gunas and reaching towards the maximum satva guna, such foods are suggested for ease of practicng . Even in vegetables there are Rajo-Tamo-Satva foods. Hence not all vegetables are advocated in such lifestyle. For example onions, garlic,chillies etc are categorised a Rajasik and suggested to be avoided for them. Spices are to be avoided to the maximum extent.At higher levels even salt is also curtailed to the minimum or avoided altogether.
    For those training for a spiritual life, more Satvic foods are included and the Rajsik and Tamasik foods are curtailed.

    But for a beginner it is suggested to follow moderation and gradually regulate and control and selectively avoid.

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    #612485 According to you there are three types of Gunas Tamo Guna, Rajo Guna, and Satva Guna. But in Kartika Masam or month people will not eat any food in the morning only nights they will take food. So your ideology will not fall in of these.
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    Not sure what the religious reasons would be. In real life, we are influenced to begin what's practised at our homes. As a kid, I remember when non-veg was bought at our home. It used to be kept near to the door, once grandfather finishes his pooja, then mother would cook non-veg dishes and would not come near the small corner where God's idols were kept. Similarly, such practices would be common in many south Indian homes and we grow up with the idea that non-veg is against religious beliefs and we would incur the wrath of Lord.

    Most do not eat non-vegetarian food during fasting or going to temples based on the existing tradition and non-veg goes against being pious and clean.

    In reality, at many holy temple towns non-veg dishes would be served from morning itself, many people still sacrifice a hen or a goat during head tonsuring ceremonies.

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    There is always a linkage between food and ways of our thinking. You can experiment them in case you want to explore the truth. As for myself, I taste both kinds of foods and on my regular indulgence with the Non veg one, I become somewhat aggressive and would loose patience for a trifle issue. Again my experience with the Veg food is very interesting in the sense that I maintain a calm posture and there is no distortions of my concentration - level.
    Calmness is the state which allows one to achieve spirituality and the same is achievable with the inclusion of satwik food.

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    #612488 I can't experiment because I am a strict vegetarian. Only thing I can interpret from ideas who eats both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    Defenitely. Spiritulity is totally based on our inner mind, where the human mind is one to prevent the inner mind not to reach the requird level. It pull down our thoughts as not to go up. In this stage the mamsa ahar and liquor surely pollute the mind as the same are thamasa ahar.

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    First I'll tell you something. Religion is not the same as spirituality. To put it in simple terms, your spirituality is your personal thing. Your religion is a group belief. That's why religion comes with certain guidelines and rules while spirituality doesn't. I think of spirituality as self awareness. And the awareness of your position in this vast universe. It is so not your conventional religion. Because in religion you rely on certain laws and Gods. To? To attain spirituality eventually. So why even follow a religion when you can be spiritual without it?
    Because, self-control isn't for everyone. Religion keeps men and women in check. Because offending your religion is a huge crime. But for individuals who have a very good self control , religion isn't even an option.

    And so is diet. Diet according to religion was classified on basis of occupation of one.
    Imagine I was born a Brahmin. I am a pure vegetarian and I chant my hymns daily.
    But one day the king of my country crowns me the new king for some mysterious reason. I'm the king now. Should I eat the royal meat then?
    I definitely will. A king's occupation demands such food.
    It is as simple as that. "You are what you eat."

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    I agree with Aditya that spirituality is not actually connected to religion. Religion may be a means to attain spirituality but being religious or believing in God does not as such make one spiritual. Spirituality is said to be the realization that there is a power that is superior to you and that you have been created with a purpose; it is the realization that the power of the creator lies within you. It is the level of maturity wherein you tend to grow out of your basic human traits and start thinking beyond that while being a common human being as such. In that sense, we cannot say that our eating habits can influence our spirituality. One may eat only vegetarian food and yet may not be spiritual while a person eating non-veg food may be spiritual.
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    Vegetarian food is easily digestible when compared to non vegetarian. Doctor'ssay that vegetarians are more hapealthy where as non vegetarians are more prone to diseases. This is on the medical side and told by many doctors. I am strictvegeterian. I never consume even egg also. I feel thisishabit you are inheriting from your family. As far as I am concerned there is no link between spirituality and food habits. There are stories referring about non vegetarian food eating by some great saints also. In some worshipprocedures there is a practice of offering non vegetarian as nivedyam to some Gods. Even inmanyvillagesfor the village goddess there is a practice of offering non veg. So it is the individual 'S interest and non vegetarians are also having spirituality. Spirituality is an individual realisation of God and believing him and religion is the way of life of people who believe in a certain path to get eternity.
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    For me the spirituality can be further sanitized by following strict vegetarian food pattern. What I understand from my friends who are fond of non vegetarian food and eat them that they get out of box thoughts and may even tend to do wrong things which are against themselves and also the society. You take any wrong doer. They are surely non vegetarian eaters as they are bound to act from the genes of food which they ate. And when you take vegetarian food, you are free from bad thoughts, the health is good, the concentration is better, and mind gets better and better with every spiritual moves. And coming to the point of digestion. Vegetarian food are tasty and easily digestible for the all ages.. Whereas non vegetarian foods are necessarily added with more spices and heavy which would tell upon the health the next day. So it is wise decision to be with the vegetarian food side to maintain good health.
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