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    While the cash credits awarded is added to existing amount then why not the points ?

    While ISC administration is prompt enough to credit the cash credits if any while awarding any awards or rewards and that is reflected with the present earnings. But the points awarded to the winning member is not reflected and added to the present score , however it is added on over all score. That means points are added the back door entry way. Why not webmaster make arrangement and flash both cash credits and points be added to the present day score and that would be befitting tribute to the performing and winning member.
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    Would there be an issue of what date to credit the points? will it affect the day's top and week's top contributor rankings?For instance, points will be awarded today for a thread that was raised a few days or week's earlier.

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    I agree with Natarajan. Even though you got points for the thread because of award, that score can't ba added to today's score. Adding them to the total score is the only correct way. Even the points given to articles also will not reflect on the day score. It will be added to your total score. That points can't be added to day's score.
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    Whenever points and CC are credited they are added to the date when the content was created. For instance, if you create a forum post today and are awarded extra points and CC for it a week later, the points and CC will reflect in the total points an CC that you accrued on the day you posted the content, which is 22/10/2017.

    This is what is practised across sections. And, it in a way helps with the calculation of the Revenue Share Bonus. Many a time articles are not reviewed in the same month that they are written. If the points and CC reflect on the day that they are accepted it would greatly impact the RSB calculation.

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    Points are counted for the date of posting. But the points will be awarded only after editing and approval. That means, such points will not be counted until the post is edited and approved.

    This could affect the Revenue Share Bonus if the RSB is calculated before the posts are edited/approved.

    To answer Mohan's original questio - why points from awards are not counted for RSB - it was a conscious decision. If those points are counted for RSB, then the people who got a lot of points through awards in the previous month would get higher RSB than the people who actually contributed content during the current month. We want the RSB to the most deserving members.

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