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    Does family pressure creates a sense of personal responsibility?

    We say, the way we are being brought up tells a lot about our nature and our living. We adopt a type of style that we have been viewing around and learn it slowly. Whatever circumstance we face during our childhood, growing up from that age to become responsible or even sensible human beings. Is it necessary that having a family pressure on us will make us more of a responsible or a valuable person? Valuable in terms of commitments. In whatever terms it is, being the elder of the family or being a pressure of anything like an education loan that you pay once you get the job. I have noticed some of my friends and even in my surroundings, people who have been brought up with complete leisure, and an easy going life. They do not face any sort of burden during their lives, during their studies or even in their marriage. What I call it is, parents have enough amount of financing to spend for their child. Those people are quite free from much responsibilities. Maybe they think of various matters in a very normal way.
    While if we talk about people from a normal middle-class family, parents take much of pain to make their child study in good school and end up in very good college. Those are the people whose child have to take up education loans to complete their graduation and so.
    When these children, start to repay their loans to the bank, it gives them more of a responsibility though, and this inspires them to be more responsible people in their life. Maybe I have been observing things this way, or maybe it is true that any sort of pressure on your head will make you more of a responsible person.
    What are your thoughts on this? Hope I tried to convey the message I wanted to do.
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    Needless the family pressure but responsibility over the family automatically embraces once we got into family. That responsibility too not given or assigned but taken volunteer. A man enjoying his days with his wife after marriage for some days till one child enters. Once a child irrespective of male or female, he and his wife embraces responsibility automatically.

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    The straight road never made skilful drivers. This is life's way of teaching us what hardship is so that we can enjoy little joys of comfort once we have a fair but steady income and be better equipped to deal with further hardships if needed. Such instances certainly make people more responsible, have realistic aims in life and understand the value of hard-earned money. My father still travels by city buses when we take a cab to go for short distances, he says it's ok for us but from him, it's a waste of money.

    Some are born lucky, that things are laid out and life goes smoothly. For most of the middle-class families, there is always social obligations and financial burden waiting to be transferred on the shoulders of the children. It's often loan taken to cover family debts, education expenses or marriage expenses.

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    As we grow by , we are bound to shoulder the responsibility of the family by virtue of being one of the earning member. Gone are the days when only father used to earn and he has to look after entire family of many members. Of course the cost of living was less and there was total satisfaction in the family with what ever they purchase and eat. Now the cost of living is more. Even more than one person earnings in the family is not sufficient to pull on nor save for the future exigencies. So family responsibility automatically sets in and that has to be embraced with grace and with no complaints.
    K Mohan
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    To some extent, I agree that family pressures bring in responsibility.But we can't say this is the case all the time and all the cases. In addition to family pressures, one should have the feeling of belongingness to the family. Then only that person will feel responsible and take the pains for the sake of family. I have seen many people enjoying their life at the same time their parents are suffering in the villages. I have seen the cases where people who are earning money supporting their family also. I have seen another type of people who are well off but trying to swallow money from their grandparents who are managing their families with their pensions and small property they have. So the feeling of responsibility comes from the nature of the person rather than other conditions. There is a family in our village who are very well off. At the same time, their son who is working in a city used to support his family both monetarily and morally. He used to visit the place very often to see his parents arrange everything they want and go back.
    Always the individual's mentality plays an important role.

    always confident

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