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    How mathematics solution became improbable in real time situation

    When I was studying Intermediate a Mathematics lecturer whose name is Achutha Ramaiah(TAR) had told that Mathematics solution is improbable in real time situation he took an example of Time, men and work.If 1 person can build a wall in 1 day if 600 persons can build a wall within few hours then if 60000 people should build a wall in win few seconds but is it possible that 60000 people can build a wall within a second. A mathematical solution became improbable in real-time solution. Knowledgeable members, please post your view on this.
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    After reading this post, my thoughts ran into the old saying that " too many cooks may spoil the meal " and that applies here too. In the garb of finishing the task quickly, there cannot be over crowding and that would create confusion than the smooth finish of the task. Some times the mathematics calculations would prove to be good on the paper and when it comes to reality it wont work as expected. So the example cited by the author has proved beyond doubt that a mathematical solution became improbable in real time solution. However I expect other members to substantiate this claim.
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    For every solution there is a limit. They are not universal solutions. These mathematics are practiced to make the student to understand the dependence of work on the people and the distance on speed. We can't apply these principals to all situations on all works. If one driver drives a scooter at 40km/h, he will travel 40 Km in one hour. If two drivers drive a scooter what happens. If one shirt takes 1 hour to get dried how much time 10 shirts will take. Definitely it can't be 10 hours. Basing on these calculations we can't say the mathematics are wrong. As the author said it will loose its probability.
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