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    Unity in diversity- Seven States of India are having more population of other religions than Hindus

    Seven States of India are having more population of other religions than Hindus. Arunachal Pradesh state dominates with more Christian population, Meghalaya State more Christian population, Mizoram more Christian population, Jammu-Kashmir more Muslim population, Lakshwadeep more Muslim population, Nagaland more Christian population and in Punjab more Sikh population. So India is a country with unity with diversity.
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    Lakshadwip has almost 100% Muslim population. No diversity-only unity in this UT.
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    Yes there are several states in India which has predominantly more population of other religions and that is increasing with every census calculations. Even in Telangana the Muslims, the Sikh, the Christians and other small religions are making their presence felt with formidable growth in recent past. But from the author's information it is quite clear that some of the NE states are Christian oriented and that is why Congress is getting the seats with ease. However when a government performances and look after every one as same, there is no dearth for the growth of all religions in tandem.
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    It is true that India is a country where you find unity in diversity. Many states why at state level even at village level we see many villages are having all different religion people. The noteworthy point is all of them live together with out any problem. But somebody interferes and try to make some unwanted shifts problems will start. Politicians and some people who are having affiliation to one particular religion are trying to bring in differences. Over a period of time we find a shift and particular religion people are coming down and other religion people are increasing for unknown reasons. There only some problems are developing. Otherwise our country is always a secular country with unity in diversity. The politicians has to change their attitude and take proper care to maintain this unity in diversity.
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    So far as Jammu & Kashmir state is concerned, it is an excellent example of unity in diversity. The biggest region of the state is Jammu. The people of Jammu region are Hindu Dogras and Sikhs. People living in Doda and Kishtwar districts are Dogra Muslims. Ladakh is a separate region where majority follows Tibetan Buddhism. In Kargil district, majority population is Shia Muslim, and some are Tibetan Buddhists. The smallest part, i.e., Kashmir valley is a Muslim majority region. These Muslims follow Sunni tradition. But here also many people are from Gujjar and Bakrwal tribes, whom the Sunni Muslims don't think as pure Muslims.

    The last rulers of the state were Dogras. Even with so much religious diversity, some people call Jammu & Kashmir a Muslim state. Who knows why?

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    India is a secular State with people belonging to different religions staying together. Each religious groups can continue here following their faiths. Majority of the people are ready to accommodate others irrespective of their religion. Only a very few create problems in the name of religious divisions. Temples, churches, mosques, gurudwara, etc.coexist.
    I'm certain areas certain religious people will be more. In some other places others. It is only natural.

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