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    After diwali festivities it will be business as usual

    With diwali festivities over now everyone of us will transition back to normal routine life. Male members will start their work in office, kids will start their studies and school and females either home plus office work or only home work.

    After so much enjoyment, celebration, meeting people, enjoying tasty dishes, pujas, crackers, lightings etc it may seem a bit odd as things get over and we start our normal schedule again. But yes, life is like that and everything good comes to and end, so we should enjoy, celebrate and move ahead with right spirit.

    Actually such festivals provide us a very welcome break from our hectic daily life and re energise us to start over again. This is very much required as man is a social animal. There are lot of things which we do due to festivals which we would not do normally. Festivals provide us a reason to do all these things. For example before diwali we clean the house which we many of us would not do in normal situation if given choice as it is hectic and time consuming. Same goes with cooking tasty dishes.

    But still when everything is over there is an element of relaxation also as we are drained in energy somewhat due to all the preparations and arrangements we make for the festivals. Our routine work gets impacted due to all this for few days. So when everything is over we can relax a bit.
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    True. All the festivals will bring in some happiness and a little deviation from our routine life. Especially Deepavali is a festival which brings us lot of joy. All family members will be in the house because of the holiday to all establishments. A lot of variety of sweets which can't be consumed alone by the family members and then lights in the evening all brings us a lot of joy. The two or three days pass like a super fast express and all will be again normal. Everybody will start working normal and come back to normal. Office works, house works, purchases, going around everything will start as usual and we will be back normal.
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