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    Do you completely believe on youtubers?

    Youtubers are those who share our talents and knowledge through youtube channel but I don't think that every youtuber have that type of skills and knowledge. Many of the youtubers use copyright content and modify the video just by changing the background sound. There is lots of confusion also in youtube because yesterday I've searched about reviews of almond hair oil product one youtuber said its good for hair and it overcomes the problems of dandruff and hair fall whereas next youtuber in the row said don't ever use that product its not good for hair and it makes your hair white so which youtuber is right and which is wrong. I think youtube needs some experts who verify the video first then upload it on youtube.
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    Youtube is available to all. Anybody can upload a video. If I upload a video on that it will give you my opinion. If the video is yours, it will reflect your ideas. So we cant go by these videos. These videos you can see for your entertainment. It is my opinion. Your experience also says that. If a video gets more views the uploader will get more money. The information coming through these videos is also not authenticated. Before you consider as correct information, you should get it verified and confirm your self as a correct one. Otherwise, you will be misled. My experience on youtube is in this direction only. So use youtube for watching some stage shows and time passing programmes on TV only. But not for product selection or verifying the correctness of the information and knowledge improvement.
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    Since Youtube is the free to air video sharing portal , the people are free to share anything on this social media and that gets viral within minutes. Gone are the days when short films made were not allowed to release in theaters due to rent problem and big movies would book the theater slots. Now the small film makers are taking the help of Youtube and releasing their stories much to surprise of net users. And regarding genuineness it all depends on the up loader. If he or she wants to be fair and want to reveal the reality of the video, then only originals would be shared and morphing wont be done.
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