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    Are NCC and NSS serving the purpose what they are intended to?

    The National Cadet Corps in short form NCC and National Serving Scheme (NSS) is a part of extra activities in School, College and Universities and who are interested can participate in this and after completion of this, the school and College give certificates which can act as catalyst in securing Government Jobs and also help in further studies.But the main purpose of NCC is Unity and discipline which lacks more in this present youth.And the other is NSS (National Service scheme) which teaches how to do service when the Nation needs you when Natural Calamities occur.Do you think NSS or NCC are serving the purpose what they mainly intended?Is there any refinement necessary? Is it necessary to add some score in securing Government Jobs or in Higher studies?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question?
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    What I feel that NCC and NSS are the National level Para Military training activities to which every student when asked for to join, must take the opportunity to serve the country as the first beginner. The author must note that those who have well performed and excelled in all the categories while in the training of NCC and NSS the government issues certificate which gives provision as special reservation while pursuing higher studies. So by doing above training during school regime student are not wasting and they get good and special recognition while seeking admissions in colleges.
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    Basically NCC and NSS were meant to familiarize the school or college students with basic military discipline and learning about the rudimentary arms and ammunition.

    The purpose is not lost fully as many students have seriously completed these extra curricular activity and learned many fundamental things.

    Unfortunately we do not have a link which can give weightage to these students in job related things. We do not have a compulsory military tenure in our country for the youngsters finishing their education. So the continuity of the purpose is lost and many students are taking NCC and NSS as casual activities. This can be improved only by changing our national educational and employment policies.

    Today in view of threat from neighboring countries for war or terrorism it is imperative that our leaders should think in these directions so that NCC and NSS are truly linked to our national security.

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    #612619 Unfortunately, we do not have a link which can give weight to these students in job-related things. I think it's a wrong statement we have a link between NCC and getting a Government Job.
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    NCC and NSS give you some certificates basing on your participation and years. If you have 'C: Certificate, this will give you the advantage of claiming seat under the reserved seats for NCC and NSS. All the universities in India are having this facility but only to 'C" certificate holders. Similarly in some SOME government jobs there are some reserved posts to NCC/NSS certificates. But the private schools are not giving any importance. In government schools also the trainees or the trainers are that much interested in this activity. So I agree with the author that the purpose behind these movements is not met. It is like spending some 30 minutes and then have a snack and leave. Actually, this should be made compulsory up to Intermediate even in private colleges and corporate colleges and this should be also there in the criteria for selecting a person for a job or a study. Then only this will serve the purpose.
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    I have been in NCC many years ago during PUC (XI & XII). It certainly gave us the exposure to being 'on-time', physical training, code of conduct, discipline and national integration. Based on qualifying tests and exercises, I got a chance to go on a national camp to an army area where we had the interaction with real army life and very impressed with a visit to NDA Kadhakwasla, an educational organisation par excellence.

    So, these invaluable experiences, including emergency care training, helped me. I couldn't get through the tough qualifying process for the Republic parade NCC camp which almost gets's an entry into a medical course.

    I think NCC can identify individual who can be potentially good candidates for the various defence sectors and groom them after their XI & XII if they show interest, as I feel this is the best time for talent scouting. They need not always serve in the forward area but can be in the various support sectors.

    Now with better internet reach and websites, these interested candidates can continue their association with NCC and then use as a platform if they want to choose a career in the defence sectors.

    Certainly, weightage should be given to genuine candidates (who come without any influence or recommendations letters) for professional courses and employment. Once this is in place, then make at least 1-2 years compulsory in NCC or NSS as if you see the western countries, many of them enrol in the Scouts association and have long-term association

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    Although many schools don't have NCC, the schools where NCC is available, many students, if not all, avail this opportunity to develop themselves a proper human being. All Army, Navy and Air Force schools have NCC facility and many students avail this opportunity to groom themselves to become Commissioned Officers. Similarly NSS is available in many colleges and students avail this opportunity to inculcate an urge for social welfare in themselves and to provide service to society without bias. Joining NSS immensely help the students in later life to join NGOs and public service.

    I am stating the above from my personal experience during my student days and later in service life.

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