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    Indian women's cricket team, its recent performances and media attention

    Do you people think that performances in the recent past and media attention have made Indian women's cricket team now in parallel with Indian men's cricket team? If yes then how much craze about women's cricket team can be seen in the eyes of common man?
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    Though Indian Women Cricket team is also old and has been playing some classic cricket in the past, but the craze and recognition was not that befitting on the lines of Men's cricket. However in the recent past the women cricket has proved that given the chance and encouragement, they can also prove their profess and out smart other countries with their superlative performance. One thing is sure when a good captain, performing players, dedicated bowlers and nice fielders are present in the women's cricket there is no dearth of win and formidable recognition by media in future.
    K Mohan
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    Recently it is noticed that Indian Women Cricket team is also getting the attention of the public. Earlier days the public was not giving that much importance to women's cricket. But recently their performance was on par with men's cricket team. The game lovers noticed this and started following them also. Now people are very enthusiastic about the women cricket and ready to watch that cricket also and want to inspire them with their support. The recognition has come. The craze for the game is already there. So the public following for this game will naturally increase. They are performing well, the Captain is good and if they are supported well we need not doubt their talent and they can win over many other countries. I think good days for Women cricket have come and the game will flourish.
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    I'm glad that the women's cricket team achievements and wins are being acknowledged. Earlier cricket meant Indian cricket team and ODIs, then came IPL but now is the first time that sustained the attention of the Indian public in on the women's cricket team.As we develop we have to appreciate every sport that brings honour to our country be it men's sports or women's sport.

    Only one sad offshoot of this is the current media craze about the criticism and trolling of certain members for their images and 'inappropriate dress' etc. Such personalised criticism adversely impacts the individual concerned.These events should be discouraged unless the conduct of the players are grossly inappropriate for the Indian culture.

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