Charity has become more of an industry nowadays

We all remember our days when if we had to do some charity work or donate something we used to reach out to poor and needy people in and around us and donate the items to them in person.
It is really a satisfying experience as we are sure that whatever we are giving is reaching directly into the hands of the poor.

But trend has changed nowadays and large number of charity organizations and NGOs have crept up which claim that they do charity work on your behalf. Many people take this easy way to donate as everybody is short of time these days and not willing to search for needy people around them and personally go and donate them. They donate to these organizations and rest in peace with satisfaction that they have done something good for the society. But is this all? Can we be satisfied just by donating to such companies? Are we assured that our donation actually reaches to the poor? I have seen many of so called charity organizations and NGOs are running purely as business with main motive as earning profit rather than helping poor. There are genuine charity organizations too no doubt, but still I feel many are only working to earn profit. I have seen some charity organizations doing telemarketing and calling up on my mobile to narrating case of an orphan or a sick child.

My honest feeling here is that let us find some time if possible to personally handle our own charity work and not outsource it to third party. True satisfaction of doing charity and helping needy will not come just by donating. It will come when we see that our help is actually reaching the poor and they are getting benefited by it.