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    Is the controversial ordinance of the Rajasthan Government justified?

    The Rajasthan Government recently brought out the "Rajasthan Criminal Law Ordinance". Under this ordinance, the courts are barred from ordering investigations against Ministers, Public Servants and former Judges for their actions during their tenure, without the permission from the Government. The Government has six months time to decide whether a complaint can be taken up by the Court. The media is also not allowed to publish or broadcast any such news until a decision is taken by the Government.
    This is a draconian ordinance which is challenged in the court. Some of the BJP lawmakers also expressed their objection. Is this ordinance justified in any way?
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    In the name of investigative journalism, the privacy of some people in public life has been at stake. Getting information under RTI has become such a cheap commodity in the market and the information sought is being quoted out of context. Facts are being conveniently ignored and this would to some extant help in the government to examine the merits of the case.

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    Such blanket rules almost grant immunity to the public servants at various levels of office. Either there has been numerous PILs or RTIs filed, public figures unnecessarily shown in poor light without evidence or, there are too many controversies involving such people in Rajasthan that'll create many issues if all of them are investigated.

    To many, this may look suspicious and make them wonder that there is something wrong and hence this ban. Justice and transparency in such situation will help everyone to restore faith in the system and give people the assurance that yes, the rules are new but still the guilty will be punished.

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    I was really baffled to learn from this post that Rajasthan Governments through its "Rajasthan Criminal Law Ordinance". wants to keep away the courts and they are barred from ordering investigations against Ministers, Public Servants and former Judges for their actions during their tenure, without the permission from the Government. This is certainly against the law and one sided decision of the government and also casts spell on our judicial system. That means the government itself facilitates more corruption and no one should either point out nor bring the scam to notice. Down with such ordnance.
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    There is a valid point in what Mr Jagdish Patro expressed. The investigative journalism is exceeding its limits in some cases. The RTI is an important act to get authentic information which will not be disclosed in the normal course. The blanket ban on courts not to proceed without Government approval in respect of public servants corruption cases gives them immunity and may encourage corruption. This act will give an advantage to the Government to protect the officers they want.
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    investigative journalism and RTI to me are like double-edged swords. I'm sure that all of us would welcome if these are means used to expose a large scale corruption, people involved in harming the communal and national integrity. But the same used for detailing the personal life of a public figure that has no impact on us expect benefitting the TRP ratings should be strongly discouraged. The access to investigative journalism and RTI should be tightened because, like many things in life, if its too easy to get, it loses its value and true purpose.

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    Investigative Journalism is going beyond the limits and trying to get maximum trp and publicity to the channel. RTI has become another tool for hijacking the facts. The information they are getting will be used for his benefit by quoting them in a different way in a different concept. This ordinance will help the government in finalising whether the case is worth or not? But at the same time, I feel 6 months is a long period. They should not take so much. There are chances to change the facts and evidence. So a time of 3 months may be enough. I don't think that this ordinance is not for any personal benefit or finding ways to get out of enquiry or case. No one can stop the facts to come out. But only the time it takes will vary.
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    The Government can always take action if the information obtained through RTI is twisted and misused. What about a person going to court for a genuine reason? Is the person not denied or delayed justice? The Government is trying to silence the press. RTI is not a tool for hijacking facts. It is a very useful tool to get authentic facts. The judiciary is the only means left to a common man. Trying to control the judiciary also very bad for the country. The majority 0f the lawmakers after getting votes work for themselves and the party but not for the public. The matter is already in the court and decision will come soon.

    Under RTI no personal information will be given. There are rules to safeguard it. One cannot ask for personal details like income tax, bank account balances and other such personal information.

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