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    Recalculating earnings at - isn't it exciting?!

    Whenever I check out the social hub, it is good to see members' earnings on the rise. I can also see that some members are using the recalculate earnings' tool very frequently in the day, some even doing so four or five times! Just out of curiosity, I wanted to know if any of you don't use this tool as frequently as some others do and when is it that you generally use it? Does it excite you to check daily or once in a while?

    For example, it excites me to know how much of a big leap I have made in earnings, so I won't necessarily use the tool after just one or two articles or jobs (these are two things I contribute regularly.) Instead, I will wait and use the tool either once in a week or maybe once in 8 to 10 days or sometimes even once in 15 days.

    I do like to use it right away, though, on receiving an award and also within one short-time gap: when the RSB is announced at the current month-end and again when the payment is announced at the beginning of the next month.

    Also, more exciting than the leap in earnings, is to see the balance which has accumulated at my profile page. That way, not only do I know if there are chances of being eligible for payment or not, if I have a goal to earn a particular amount, then I know how near or far I am from that goal.

    Isn't it fun to see the jump in numbers?! Do share your experience in utilizing this most useful and exciting tool of ISC.

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    Yes that is really the best tool of India study channel. as on every re calculation of either points or cash credits, the figures do change and keep us updated and we must thank webmaster Tony for this accurate feature.
    K Mohan
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    I regularly at least once in a day will use the recalculating tool. As soon as I enter the site I will check for any alerts. While closing I will go for recalculation of my points and earnings through my Dash Board. This I will do out of my curiosity to know my points. Generally, I will answer Ask the expert question. Immediately after answering the question automatically basing on the length it will give some points. So it will add up give a daily score on the screen. But when the answers are checked and approved automatically in many of the case points will come down and some CC will be allotted. So automatically my points will vary. So I want to know how many points I have lost and in lieu of that how much CC I got. Otherwise, what happens I will be in a false impression about my points. That is why I will do that. I don't think, it is causing any problem to the top people of this site. If there is any inconvenience, please advise and I will stop doing that daily.
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    Yes it is the most exciting feature of ISC. Generally I recalculate my earning and points twice a day.
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    "Do share your experience in utilizing this most useful and exciting tool of ISC." Let me share my position.

    I had the habit of posting and then forgetting. But then, gradually members started raising posts about discrepancies and raised many doubts about their points and cash credits. Some made complaints of discrimination and pointed out at other members posts.

    That made me also to check my cash credits also more frequently to avoid aftershocks due to deflected hits.

    Then as I started participating more in Ask Experts section I selected the cc checking method as a way to know easily whether my posts are approved and what was the acceptance quality of that.

    Let me disclose that apart from that , I do not bother to verify the total nor see whether any cc has missed inclusion in the total tally.

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    I personally use recalculate earning and points everyday in the morning to know how much money and points earn. I regularly post for job section. The points or cash credit of job section is totally based on approval , So I check recalculate option two or three times in a day
    Phagu Mahato
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    Yes, it is exciting. I am person who constantly check my rewards and earnings frequently as it motivates and encourages me to contribute more. It is always nice to see the change in numbers. One thing I have noticed is when you are rewarded for an Ask Expert answer, it does not come in your alert section also only some of the cc awarded for Forum sections are appearing under alert section. It would be always nice if the member knows for what he/she is earning. Either for every cc there should be an alert send or there should be a table or something in the member's dashboard, where the complete earnings made by him/her in that particular month should appear section wise. By clicking on each section it should take them to the cc and point winning contributions of theirs of that particular month. I feel that is much better as it gives much more clarity about a member's earning to at least them.

    Also like some other members pointed out, in ask expert section, when you contribute you are given points based on the length of your answer and then when it is checked, there are chances it might go down or up. This gives a false impression to the member initially. I would suggest, no points should be given to ask expert section, unless it is checked and approved by the editor, like the article section.

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    I like to keep my point and cash credit tally up to date, which is why I recalculate both, especially when I earn cash credits. It does not excite me because the cash that I have earned is already known to me and they are meagre amounts.

    In fact, it wasn't until you pointed out that I had crossed the 50k mark that I actually, came aware of the significance of the amount, which I had earned, through my contributions on ISC.

    But, I do get competitive, whenever time permits and try to achieve specific targets, such as the time I participated in the study abroad article contest. I posted 93 articles in the contest period – the target I had set was of 100 articles.

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    It's a good tool at your reach every day like the feel-good switch that you can use as often as use want to see whether we have been rewarded for our efforts. I use this once a day over the last few weeks, the check the score and the cc. It's like a small gift daily and a positive event to see and to get motivated to perform and to interact more.
    Sometimes, I wish that it goes much faster, just the temptation of the money!

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