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    Tipu Jayanti Controversy in Karnataka.

    In Karnataka during November, Tipu Jayanthi is announced and then held with clashes. This year too, the present Congress Government wants to go ahead with Tipu celebrations. The official machinery wants to mention names of MP name on the invite.

    BJP MPs have formally expressed that their names not to be printed in the invite for the function. If they are invited, they have promised to share the anti-hindu exploits of Tipu.

    There have been many protests, clashes and even deaths last year. Similarly, come summer, every resident of Karnataka and Tamilnadu will be thinking of the water dispute. Why do we have to stoke communally sensitive and inter-state issues every year repeatedly and disturb the common man's life? Instead can't the parties present a united front and promote harmony.
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    Yes I have also watched the news capsule on this issue and felt bad that unnecessarily the BJP has been raking such issues which would only distance them from the possible voters from Karnataka. We all know for the people of Karnataka cutting across the party lines, they regard Tipu Sultan very much and the Tipu Jayanthi is held every year with commotion and communal coating. This time the Karnataka Congress government also want to make hay while the sun shine and they want to celebrate in befitting manner much to the annoy of BJP top brass in Delhi and Karnataka.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is correct in the interest of public peace and harmony, government and other political parties can make a united front and promote peace. But Politicians never like this. They develop enmity among people, spoil their friendship and make their brains filled with negativity and see that they will fight each other. This will be enjoyed by the politicians and try to see that the hatred among each other will continue in the minds. One party will support one side and another party will support the other side. Divide and rule. Tipu Jayanthi is not supported by BJP. Another day announced by BJP will be boycotted by other party telling n number of reasons and spoil the people. Unless otherwise, the public gets awareness, these politicians will always create some or other communal rivalry and see that people will forget genuine problems.
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    Tipu's merciless massacre of the Hindus and Christians in Malabar region has been graphically described by the Portuguese traveler, Fr. Bartolemaco. Tipu's ceremonial sword bears an inscription: "lightning for the destruction of the unbelievers". He destroyed three Hindu temples at Harihar, Srirangapatna and Hospet. In Tamilnadu and Malabar, he became known as a Brahmin-killer and a 'despoiler' of Hindu temples. Fr. Bartolemaco wrote the following: "Mothers were hanged with children tied to their necks. Tipu tied naked Hindus and Christians to an elephant and made it move around until Kafir bodies were torn to pieces.Most of men and women were hanged. Temples and churches were ordered to be burned down, desecrated and des­troyed. Christian and Hindu women were forced to marry Mohammedans, and similarly, their men (after conversion to Islam) were forced to marry Moha­mm­edan women. Christians who refused to be honoured with Islam were ordered to be killed by hanging immediately."

    Tipu Sultan was a despicable character. Despite the whole-hearted effort of marxist historians to project him a great freedom-fighter, people are now learning the truth. It is appropriate that BJP MPs and MLAs don't want to get themselves associated with the celebration of so-called 'Jayanthi' of this communal despot.

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    Tipu Sultan was one of the most secular ruler of his times. He was the last ruler to offer formidable resistance against British in India. He protected Hindu temples from destruction from invading Maratha forces under Rao in 1791 on the course of Second Anglo Mysore war. He persecuted those Hindu rulers and christians who were helping british. This can be corrabrated by the fact that he only attacked hindus and christians who were offering support to British like Malabar. He maintained good relations with those christians who were anti British. He built alliance with French who were christians but he understood French have already left their territorial ambitions in India. He had built Statue of liberty to spread the Ideals of liberty through out his Kingdom. He built an efficient army on modern lines at Dindugal. He was pioneer in short range rocket propelled technology. NASA has still a memory of his advances in rocket science at their entrance. He was advanced in science and technology. He brought in the concpet of giving loans to Agriculture and getting produce from farmers at fixed prices. This was revolutionary during those days. He funded a trading corporartion but could not trade due to restrictions by malabar kings. This enraged him and he killed many of them in battle. He was enraged furhter after learning some section of people were acting as comprador bourgoise to british. He persecuted them. He was very much against british because british always indulged in backstabbing. During his short stint he took renovations in 156 temples. In contrast his personal mosque was alone built by him at mysore(mysore masjid). His army was consisting of Hindu people along with muslims. Later as british wrote Mysore gazette tried to protray him as bigot but failed. His largely Hindu army remained loyal to him till last. Also know Sher e Mysore he stood as testimony to Hindu muslim unity.
    The present politics between congress and BJP over his name is unwarranted.

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    "Tipu Sultan was one of the most secular ruler of his times."-It is a narrative propagated by the marxist historians of India, but this narrative is not supported by historical evidences.

    To label Tipu as a freedom fighter is flawed. In fact, the opposite is true. Sandeep Balakrishna wrote in DailyO, "Tipu's various correspondences with the French, preserved at the India Office in London indicate how he conspired with them to drive out the British and divide India between them. Tipu also invited the Afghan ruler Zaman Shah to invade India and help the cause of Islam."

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    #612665: It is appropriate that BJP MPs and MLAs don't want to get themselves ..........

    In the past there have been instances wherein the same protesting MPs have attended Tipu celebrations in Karnataka. The CM has questioned these members ' if you have attended it earlier, why not now?'

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    The answer of the above question is very simple. Man continues to learn and his action changes with learning; his act is governed by new information.
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    There seems to be a systemic attack against Muslim rule in our country. To understand Tipu we must look at events happening at those times. In 1776 US used French help on their freedom. French lost all their interest in territory and has began to form an anti British alliance again by 1770s. Forming secret alliances against enemy was part of strategy. But the reason for hatred towards British was their backstabbing nature. After 2nd Anglo Mysore war British promised and pledged forces to Mysore in case of threat. But in 1791 when Marathas attacked Mysore British helped Marathas. This enraged him.
    Marathas were too surprised. If we need to judge historical events then we must be unbiased. If marxist were guilty of protraying him as hero. Then europeans had every reason to protray him a demon. Tipu formed anti British alliance
    . He was the last ruler to offer formidable resistance against British in India. He protected Hindu temples from destruction from invading Maratha forces under Rao in 1791 on the course of Second Anglo Mysore war. He persecuted those Hindu rulers and christians who were helping british. This can be corrabrated by the fact that he only attacked hindus and christians who were offering support to British like Malabar. He maintained good relations with those christians who were anti British.

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    To know about Tipu, we must read his letters. In one of his letters he said that he has converted four lakh Hindus in Malabar. In another letter he said that he has converted majority of the Hindus in Calicut. He also demolished temples and churches. He was s mass-rapist.

    What is the relationship between the prosperity of Tipu's kingdom or use of rocket in war with his rabid communal mindset? This is precisely what marxist historians have done. They go on talking about insignificant things so that people's attention gets diverted from the main issue.

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    Again I am to remain mass convertions, persecutions of enemies and many other attrocities were part of war during those times. Even marathas indulged in it. Ruler's credentials can be justified by how they ruled and not how they came to power during those times. His principal officials were all Hindus.

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    Since we are going through a period where anything against the ideology of the saffron brigade is anti national and anyone questioning or criticizing their beliefs are termed as liberals (or is it pseudo-liberals?), it comes as no surprise that the Tipu Jayanthi is also being opposed on the grounds of religion. We have become selective and have started choosing what suits us to be the truth. We are being forced to believe that what we have read and learned all these years is not true and so we need to to read what they say so that we get to know the truth; because they are the custodians of our History and is in charge of our destiny.

    Tipu Sultan, who is regarded as one of the few Indian rulers of those times who posed a threat to the British regime, is now (with the rise in Hindu-Muslim conflict) being painted as a tyrant and a rapist who destroyed many temples and killed non-Muslims. People who want to project him in such a manner is relying on the records of the British and the writings of some Christian missionaries who were basically supporters of the British.

    The question as to why some leaders following the Hindu Rashtra mode of thinking are refusing to attend the celebrations now when they had been part of it earlier is very pertinent. Leaving all that aside, I too feel that our governments should be more committed to maintaining peace and therefore, if there is a probability of disturbance due to some function or festival being organized by them, it would be better not to go ahead with the same; but the same principle should be applicable in all cases, including idol immersions and burning of crackers.

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    Let us forget the Portuguese traveler, Fr. Bartolemaco. Let us forget the letters written by Tipu kept at London Museum. Let us accept for a minute the view of the so-called liberals that Tipu was a great freedom-fighter. Now how many State Governments celebrate 'Jayanthi' of freedom-fighters? Does any State Government officially celebrate the 'Jayanthi' of Nanasaheb, Tantia Tope, Kunwar Singh, Rashbehari Bose, Chandrasekhar Azad? Then why Tipu? Isn't the celebration to appease a 'particular community'? Partha! Don't ask this question. You will be instantly labelled as member of 'saffron brigade'.

    #612693 : "His principal officials were all Hindus."-Why? Let's have our 'basic funda' clear. The reason is that despite getting all the benefits, the co-religionists of Mohammad Ghori, Alauddin Khilji, Auranghzheb, Tipu Sultan and other despots could not match the administrative capabilities and acumen of Hindu officials. So, these rulers were forced to employ Hindu officials. Not because of their secular credentials.

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    Partha at #612707, the comparison you have drawn is explicit about your aim and inclination. Tipu Sultan was not only a freedom fighter, he was the ruler of Mysore and is known as the 'Tiger of Mysore'.
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    I fail to understand the logic and my own inclination. If one is a freedom-fighter, he is not eligible for official 'Jayanthi', isn't it? Nanasaheb was known as the 'Peshwa of Bithur'. Kunwar Singh was a local king in Bihar (Arha). Rani Lakshmi Bai was the ruler of Jhansi. Aren't they eligible for official 'Jayanthi'?
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    The President Ramnath Kovind is now the focus in the ongoing Tipu Jayanthi row. Addressing the state legislature in Bangalore, the president praised Tipu Sultan for his achievements and his death as a martyr against the British.
    It's no surprise that the Karnataka Government has praised the president's speech and BJP is crying foul stating that the president's speech was scripted by Congress. So now we have major leaders slowly getting dragged into this controversy and many important issues would be side-tracked and the main issue itself will be biased by political leanings.

    As people suffered in 2016, the people of Karnataka will bear the brunt of this over the next few months in 2017 and come to next October-November 2018, the same turn of events will occur.

    A historian has quoted long back. ' If we fail to learn from History, History will repeat itself'

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    Compulsion sometime forces us to do something which we don't want to do. That is more applicable to people who hold Constitutional posts.
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    With the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh visiting Taj Mahal and declaring unconditionally that the Taj Mahal is indeed an integral part of our culture, the statement by the Union Minister for Culture and the content of the address by the Supreme Commander in the Karnataka Assembly, I hope the staunch Hindus can now rest for a while.

    Can this thread be locked now?

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    "Tipu Sultan didn't fight the British to help India. He fought them to save his own overlordship in south India. It was invader vs invader"-Minhaz Merchant

    Is any further comment necessary? I have no objection if the thread is locked now.

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    Yes, we can close the thread. thanks

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