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    Are pre-schools needs or compulsions of the hour?

    In the earlier times, when we were kids, our parents used to collect forms from different kindergarten schools and take us there for the interview processes. Neither were they worried much that what would happen if we didn't clear the interview nor was the interview very difficult. I remember being asked very basic mathematics questions for the admission processing of Standard 1. But I was not ask any question for the admission procedure of the the kindergarten section. When our parents and their parents were kids, they didn't even have to give any interview. They were just taken to the school and few basic questions were asked for the admission procedure and mostly direct admission was done. But these days there is a huge demand for the preschools. If your child does not pass from a pre-school you might not be able to guarantee he or she will get admission in the next levels of the schools. What are the pre-schools really necessary? Or do you just fear that your kid might not get admission in the next level of the school and hence you admit him or her in a pre-school? Can a pre-school really teach better than our parents? Because if that were true then we would not have got admission in any school as many of us have not been admitted to any pre-school before getting admission to the kindergarten. What do you think? Please share your views here.
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    Pre-school is neither a need nor a compulsion. It is only a fad or a status symbol. I have grave doubt whether kids learn anything substantial in the pre-school.
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    First of all one must understand that preschools are functioning like baby sitter to look after your baby for a particular fees and nothing taught there extra. It is the compulsion of working parents, who does not have elders at home to look after their kids and thus opt for such preschools. If the parents are wise, they can teach all the primary school methods before completion of three years and directly put their wards on the Kinder Garten sections so that time and money is not wasted on preschool. Moreover with preschool culture, the baby misses the love and affection of the mother at tender age.
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    Taking care of small kids is a herculean task. It is very common now a days that both the parent are working. So it makes sense to send the kids to preschool where they are occupied. Another advantage is they build up a practice of going to school quite early.

    As far the learning aspect is considered they may learn to identify some objects and they may learn some words or play some dumb games. That is the most the kids can acquire there. Basically it is useful for keeping or parking the kids in a cozy place for 5-6 hours and you get rid of their care during that time.

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    Pre-school is currently more of a compulsion than the need of the hour. Many of us (even from ISC) have never been to pre-school and yet we are doing well in terms of knowledge and profession.

    Currently, there is an aura around a child's early years formative education and this has attained such prominence that we've forgotten the poor child who's the most important factor in this. Many cleverly constructed programs are marketed and offered with a unique brand appeal. This is focussed to capture the attention of the new age couples and new families who have global dreams.

    Trendy interiors, new mini-vans to pick up and drop, school curriculum, crafts and school events are all packaged and sold as a movie dream for the couple who have had their first child. This is linked to the fact that actual admissions to further classes are much more easier with a good popular pre-school brand certificate in the hands of these parents.

    It's also become a trend to say that my child goes to A...,B...,C..., this is the school video, this is his progress report etc.

    I'm not against the concept of pre-school but against the fact that it's blown out of proportion and made into a money spinning venture.

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    Preschool is neither a need or compulsion. It is for the convenience of parents who have pockets of good weight.
    As mentioned by Natarajan, many of us never went to any preschool. My first school is Government Basic primary school. I started going to the school in my 5th year of age. I have studied Class 1 to Class 5th there. Those days the concept of preschools was not there.
    These days it has become a requirement for the parents. Both parents will be working. They have to get ready early morning and attend their office. So what will happen is no one will be there in the house to take care of these children. Hence they will think of these schools. Now it has become a prestige symbol to rich people to send their child to preschools. What they will teach there. Nothing so particular. Just like babysitter as mentioned by Mohan. No use

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    I think pre-school or day care, as it was earlier known, has become a booming business in the cities due to two reasons. Firstly, most of the parents being employed, they don't have time to look after or nurture their child and secondly, as Partha said, it has almost become a status symbol. I don't think pre-schooling is a bad idea as such but one has to be careful while choosing a school and also has to think properly whether, as per their position, it is actually required. I don't think we can say that sending a child to a pre-school is a need though it may be a compulsion at times due to the present lifestyle.

    As mentioned in some of the responses above, I don't think majority of us must have attended any pre-school and that has not affected our life as such. Kids are said to learn from their surroundings; nature is the best teacher. Parents/ grandparents can guide them and help them with the basics. They can be let out, under supervision, to play with children of the same age group so that they get to know about love, sharing and caring. Pre-schools should be avoided if we have the time and patience to help our child grow and get ready for school.

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    Preschools are in fashion now. Certain school provide preference to those kids who have been to a preschool and have a certificate from there. I feel it is actually a burden to the kids. The time when they have to play, they are send to school, even though half day. One advantage of sending to play school is kids starts to learn quickly as there are many kids of the same age and the school authorities makes learning interesting and colorful. Kids learn to mingle and share and certain manners also from a very small age. I actually learned all these when I was put into KG, as no preschool system was there then. But now as majority of the parents especially mothers are working, it would be better if a kid is sent to playschool. But merely depending on a play school is not advisable. Parents also should spend time with the child on his/her studies. Now as in some places, admission without a play school certificate is not provided, parents are in a way forced to put the kids to play school. I feel like every other thing, preschools also have its own benefits and disadvantages.
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    There are two very important things said by Mr. Mohan and Mr. Umesh. I would like to know from Mr. Mohan that how you would suggest the parents should proceed. Have you seen parents who have taught their kids technically as sound as preschool curriculum. Mr. Umesh says that kids learn to go to schools early this way. But do you really think that kids need to stay away from home at such an early age? Or do you feel it's a compulsion for working parents?
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