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    Good pay, nice working environment yet employees keep shifting in IT sector , why ?

    I have closely observing my relatives and friends who are working in IT companies with good position and pay scales. But often I have seen then trying for better prospects and attending interviews of other companies. Is that means our IT sector is yet to grow and understand the needs of its employees. We know that every employ signs the bond before joining, even then they are looking for greener pastures and ready to pay fine early leaving of the present job. Members who have already worked in IT sector and has the idea about the matter can respond.
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    Maybe I can answer and justify to this thread why IT employees switch companies.

    It looks so cozy from outside, with employees working in AC, good facilities, nice infrastructure, well-dressed employees etc. But this is not what IT is all about.

    1. Bond of 6 months to 2 years is a must in most of IT companies for freshers but rarely for laterals.
    2. You are lucky if you get a good team lead and manager if not you might start imagining of starting a tea-stall in front of the companies, trust me when I say that they earn a lot more than us.
    3. After a year-long of working hard, the hike that you get is at the most 20%, this is best of the best scenarios. Very few companies go beyond this if they do I am sure that the employees will cling on longer to the company.
    4. If you switch the company, you are entitled to get a hike of minimum 50% to sometimes even 200% of your salary.
    5. The package looks wow, but after all the deduction it is a very meager amount that's left in your hand. Which again goes in taxes and bills.
    6. After few years, the work gets monotonous, there won't be anything new to learn, your skills will become stagnant so to remain updated with the market you will have to switch so that you can keep learning and upgrading yourself.
    7. Recession hits very soon in IT, jobs are hardly secure, if the company loses a project, the employees live in the fear of losing their job. So they try to switch to other stable company.
    8. Micromanagement can make employees switch very soon even if you offer them the best of the best package they will hardly stay back.

    These are few of the above points, did I forget to mention that even politics can make them switch to other companies.

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    Make hay while the sun shines. This is the Essenes. When we have potential,when we have energy, when we have interest we have to make the most out of it. It is true in all the cases. Why only IT sector in any field shifting jobs at an appropriate time is very important for growth. We all should keep one thing in mind, that we will be paid as long as we perform. The moment we stop performing or the management thinks we are over paid without keeping any of our earlier services to the company,the management will say, it is time to apart. In such case there is nothing wrong in changing jobs for higher gains in professional life is always justifiable. A person working in a same company for a given period of time will definitely earn less than a person who changed companies with in the same duration. So I feel it is always good to take new jobs at appropriate time.
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    IT sector pays better than other service sectors. I feel there is a tremendous amount of stress and pressure involved to deliver in time and given the flow of work, teams also keep changing. Maybe their burnout rate is also more and the fear of recession is always in the back of the mind. So in all, they want to earn as much as possible while the going is good. Brand loyalty or lack of it, realistic chance of an overseas stint also plays a key role. Lastly, I feel the IT sector employees are creative individuals who need freedom and challenge to keep them motivated. These too make them have a dislike to authority or rules, maybe that's one more reason they keep changing. Whatever the inside story is, the outside world sees them as a well-dressed lot who earns more than they can handle and have a good life with luxury.

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    Thats right and Neethu has already shared valid points why people keep switching to new roles in IT sector. It has become a trend to be followed. The main reason that I feel is learning and to keep enhancing the skills. When they keep doing the same task and work on daily basis, they do not feel the same interest as was there before. That is the reason, people start looking for better opportunities and once they get it, they just take it. That brings them new role, new job and a job that will require skill sets that they will gradually learn, and which is something new to them.
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    From the above submissions it is clear that all is not well in IT sector as opined from outside.
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    My close relative works for the IT sector and I know it is not as good as you look from outside. It is a hectic job which will give you headaches throughout. The initial pay might be attractive, but later the increment or bonus will not be much. I job satisfaction is there at least with less pay you will be happy to stay in a firm. But sometimes the line manager will not be nice and will not have much humanitarian consideration to the staffs. This situation will lead in people leaving the organization. IT sector has better opportunities and offers, so with experience, people try to move hoping for a better pay and good line manager whom they can rely on. But most of the times due to the work pressure, shouting's from here and there, minimal increment etc makes people less interested in their job and will think about quitting. I feel IT sector jobs are more stressful and can affect a person's health too, so let them change and find a better company when they are young itself. We are not in their shoes to judge them.
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    One of the common reasons I have seen for IT employees shifting the jobs even if "all is well" is the salary hike. If people stay in same company then their annual hike will be close to 10-12% on average. While if they change the company then hike they get will be anywhere between 20 to 50% depending on seniority and criticality of the role.

    So people make job switch as instrument to get good salary hike which I feel is a very immature approach to follow. Salary does matter but there are many other things in a company which are also important like role, stability, company performance etc. Sometimes I have seen employees landing themselves into difficulty by just changing the job for salary. One more risk factor of doing so is that if this is done repeatedly for many companies then it will tell on your resume and create bad impact. Imagine an employee who has changed 6 companies in span of 10 years of career going for his next interview. It means that he has not even stayed for 2 years in one company. Question which will definitely be asked to such person in his next interview is that "why have you switched so many jobs" and you should have very strong reason to justify it. Obviously person taking your interview will be concerned that he may leave his company also in also less than 2 years, so he may think of not hiring you even if your interview performance is good.

    So this repeated job switch may sound good for short term but if done for long term does more harm than good and it may also impact your chances of getting hired after an interview.

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    During my 5 year stint with IT, I shifted 4 companies. The reasons, the first one I left because of no good work. The second one because of no good pay. The third one because our Bangalore branch of the company was closed down. The fourth one I left because to start on my own. So, from my own experience, I was not satisfied with anything. So is the case with most of the IT employees.

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