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    Why go for world class buildings for government offices in a capital city?

    Government of Andhra Pradesh is planning to build iconic government buildings for governance. A Capital city is required for governance of a state and buildings are of course required for disposal of day to day functions. AP government is spending some crores of rupees in designing and building govt. buildings. In my view, world class buildings are not required for such activities; some good buildings with sufficient facilities are enough. When the people of Andhra Pradesh are staying in normal houses and not in world class houses, I think representatives of the people too do not require such world class buildings to do governance. Please express your views.
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    Why not. The capital should be in such a way that it attracts people from all over the world and should get recognised as a world famous tourist spot. It gives lot of pride and recognition to the state. Also some foreign exchange. If you take the case of a middle class family, they construct their shelter once in a life time. So they want to make it a better place by spending a little extra money and will get satisfied. Same is the case here. The state of Andhra Pradesh got ditched by Congress two tomes. First time they were separated out from Madra and they lost the capital. Second time they were again deceived by the same Congress and were sent out from their capital without any new capital for the state. This type of treatment brought in a lot of anger to the people. They want to show these shameless politicians that they are finally in their best state with the best capital. So I don't find anything wrong in building a world class capital. Every alternative year we are not going to construct capital. It is once in a life time and let it be the best.
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    I think we discussed this earlier too. Any capital city should have good access, good infrastructure for administration, financial and commerce establishment governance and offices. The infrastructure should also showcase the state's resources and ability to attract foreign and national investments. This would need quality and some grandeur so that local, nation and international community feel welcome and would be confident to visit either for tourism or for business investments. One should be careful that money is not misused by corruption and few individuals to benefit.
    Some authorities in power go on to have a fleet of imported vehicles, custom-made cars and vans, purpose-built offices for individual needs, these things should be curtailed.

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    What I feel that the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu was most disturbed man after the state was bifurcated as he was totally against parting ways. So he had the vengeance not to depend on the joint stay for 10 years and treat Hyderabad as the joint capital for Telangana, and AP. He already went for a temporary capital building and shifted all his employees there. Now his vengeance further strengthened and want to construct such buildings with wow effects so that whole some tourist inflow from other countries could be possible. He is capable of creating a good and formidable International capital for AP at Amravati and already he is planning structures on the style of Bahubali sets too and enlisted the services of Rajamouli. Nevertheless when he gets technology and money for investing, why not have a International repute constructions and structures, so that it will be befitting reply for the people of AP who have cooperated during bifurcation.
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    Having good and attractive buildings are always good for the country, especially when tourism is on trend. We should not stand against the development of a state saying we are living in small houses or huts. When there is development for the state, the people of the state will be in turn benefitted. I will never want my state to look the same as it was 10 years back. Let the outlook change and be proud of it. It is impossible for the state to build houses for all its people. What we should object is when the state is doing nothing towards the people's development and is spending full money on buildings and infrastructures. In Kerala what I know is government provides 5 cent land and money to build house for its poor and needy people. That is a good move, may be the procedure to get it is bit lengthy. But I appreciate the move and there are lot of infrastructural developments in the state, which most of us welcome. We should see the developments in a positive way and support it. Are we going to benefit by standing against the development?
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