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    Does depression enhance creativity?

    Depression and anxiety are the common mental disorders faced by many people in the fast running world. Generally, the people who suffer from such mental illness try different methods to handle their depression. One such method to eliminate depression is doing creative stuff such as composing music, painting, writing poems, framing short stories, etc. Depression is always interpreted in a negative shade and some people who suffer from depression even have an adverse effect on their creativity and never involve into any creative works when depressed.

    Does depression enhance creativity or destroy creativity? Is there any link between depression and creativity?

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    I think depression or if not depression the hardships you have gone through in your life will make you more creative. I am not saying it is the case with everyone but with some great poets. Their poems are so nice and I have always wondered how could they know the feel of the people so well, then I took the effort to known about those poets and came to know that they all have come through hardships. May be because of that they are great poets today. Similarly some people will get themselves involved in painting and drawing when they are sad or is depressed. I feel these people already had the talent in them and it is just the depressed situation made them to be more active and creative.
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    I am not very sure whether depression will bring in creativity. Depression is something to do with your mind and when your mind is not active how it can bring in creativity. The people who are creative, if they couldn't achieve their goals, they may go into depression. This will spoil their creativity as their mind will not work fast and may become more vulnerable. So what I feel is depression will decrease your creativity. So one should get depression in any case. You should make himself mentally strong and see the reasons for depressions and should come out of that. Then only he can cherish his life and attain his goals in the life. My father was in a very depressed mood for a reason. He couldn't even sleep or write two sentences. Actually, he is a poet. But he couldn't write anything out of it. I noticed his depression, taken him to a psychiatrist. The work which he couldn't complete and got depressed is managed by me and that work has been successfully completed. He completely recovered from that depression and now he is continuing his writing activities. So we should find out the ways to come out of depression to enhance our creativity. This is my feeling and experience also.
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    It is not just depressions, but when you are in extremely emotional state, it could be happiness, sadness or anger, it has the potential to trigger your creative skills. When you are emotional you are less logical because of which you can actually write stories and poems or come up with anything that can express his emotions, some people even resort to drawing.

    If a depressed person is finding ways to express his feeling in whatsoever ways, we should allow them to do so, by doing to some extent we might be able to find the root cause of their depression and counsel them accordingly.

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    When someone is depressed or worried out of something, they try ways to overcome that stress. Those could be creative ways or could be destructive too. This depends from person to person. There are people who want to positively and hopefully cope up with depressed situations. Such people will try and find creative ways to overcome that sadness, tension or depression like painting, writing, etc. While people who find hard to come out of depression and feel tired of it, they just want to come out of it in any way, will hardly follow creativity and could go for drinking and smoking.
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    Creative people are highly sensitive and great thinkers, hence can be depressed or prone to depression, it's often the people they interact with and the situations that make them feel depressed, hence many creative individuals seek solace in being alone or at least in a group of similar creative people.
    Some humans who have achieved the impossible have also battled with depression. Buzz Aldrin, second man to land on the moon, Von Gough, the famous painter, Leo Tolstoy, JK Rowling author of Harry Potter and many others have battled depression.
    As part of therapy for depression, art therapy, sand art therapy and creative writing have been used. Based on what I've understood, creativity makes some more prone to depression and the same creativity helps some to come out of depression.

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    When some people are in deep depression, they would take the help of a cigarette to get them back to the normal mode and then that will pep them up to think creatively and differently. The other day my vehicle got punctured and the puncture man could not spot the hole. But I was insisting that the air is getting over every time it is filled with full. Then he emptied the tyre again and filled the air with full. This time he tried to spray water all over and could find small little hole on the side. This could be spotted as he took the help of a cigarette probably to pep new ideas to his mind and he was successful.
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    It is quite possible though not always. I say possible because when in depression a person tends to keep on worrying and thinking and lot of thoughts come to their mind. Normally depressed people will try to close themselves from the world and not discuss their thought face to face with other people. So many times we see this suppressed thoughts and emotions come out in such people in form of writing, poetry, singing etc and they are of really nice quality. Something which comes out from heart will always be great.

    It is like water which breaks the dam when pressure become high and gushes at high speed. So the suppressed thoughts break open the barrier and come out in form of creativity.

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    Yes, depression definitely enhances creativity. We can cite the examples of Vincent Van Gogh, Auguste Rodin and Paul Gauguin in this connection. These three conteemporary artistes created their best during an acute phase of depression. Same is the case of Franz Kafka.
    I think that during depression and illness, men start visualising more. So creative people create more during mental and physical distress.

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    I doubt whether this question can have an accurate answer; being one that deals with the human brain. Depression is a mental illness and is a mood disorder which causes one to withdraw into the self without being particularly interested in anything. It affects your thoughts, action and words. Creative people have been found to be more prone to depression attacks or mood swings. They have been found to be more creative, some even at their best, during the phase they come out of depression.

    Depression can be caused due to different reasons; in some cases the person who undergoes the disorder knows the reason and in some cases he doesn't. In cases where one knows the cause, he tends to think more about it. Though there are chances of his depression level rising due to the thinking process, there are also chances of his trying to find means to escape from the mood and to relieve himself of the mental stress. In such conditions, people who are creative have been said to be more focused and explosive in bringing out their creativity. They may again go back to depression but the lean period during which they try to realize themselves have been found to bring out their creativity at higher levels.

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