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    Was the caste system devised in ancient India defective?

    The caste system in our country has seen many critical analysis and it has a tremendous effect on our policies for development of poor and downtrodden specially belonging to lower castes. The Government initially had an applause for its reservation policies after independence but later it proved to be a bone of contention between the political parties.

    Anyway the caste system was devised long back by some social leaders or learned people in the court of mighty kings and that might had worked nicely during that age of monarchs but in today's perspective it is not only like an obsolete measure but is also creating lot of problems in the governance as well as creating unnecessary distortions in the society.

    The time has come when Govt has to boldly abolish such reservation systems and if possible only care for the financially weaker sections or destitute.

    What is the opinion of the members on this?
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    Caste System is mentioned in Bhagavad Gita. The Caste system divided into Four varnas.Dvija, Kshatriya, Vysya, and Sudra and their profession are also mentioned in the Book.
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    Caste system was not created by anybody. Also from which time onwards the same came into being, nobody can say. Initially it would have got established based on the types jobs done by people. In general we can categorize the works as decent jobs and indecent jobs. Those doing decent jobs were considered as upper class people. While the others were classified as lower class. Later subclasses were created based on classifications of jobs. Jobs related to teaching, temple priests, and similar other jobs were considered as the most prestigious type job and those involved in those were considered as the superior Caste, Brahmin. Those who were ruling and protecting an area were treated as the next, kshsthriyas. Those who did business or such related jobs were classified as Vysyas. Sugars were those who did mineal jobs. Thus "chathurvarniam" classification came into being.
    Later within each of these four classes, sub-classes came into being due to further differences within each class. These were mainly based on their jobs. Those who worked using wood started knowing as carpenter. Like this ironsmith ( blacksmith), etc.came into being.

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    The caste system was originally made basing on the occupation of the family. All families doing business are classified as Vysyas. But slowly the caste based job systems are gone and only caste system was left. So in the present day scenario there is no santity in this caste system. Hence Government should abolish this caste system. There should be a division basing on the financial position of the family.No reservations.. The people who stand on merit but not able to meet the expenses should be helped by the government. Then we will have a better system. Today’s reservation policy is not helping even the poor of reserved category people. This is useful only for well to do people in those castes. It is good for a collector's son to become a collector. But not for a rickshaw puller's son to become a collector. Keeping this view, at least the government should introduce a system that the reservation is only for the mentioned castes with a certain income level. Otherwise a day of revolution is very near.
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    Ancient societies laid down rules to have a system of governance in place.This was the need of the time to have control and a sense of administration in place. History has taught us that many regulations laid by the society, in due course of time directly or indirectly contribute to the evils faced by the same society.

    Similarly, for whatever reason, ancient India had classes of people depending on their work. After Independence, in an effort to ensure equality, the reservation system was put in place. Similar to the experiences of many societies, now we are at a disadvantage as we are still following and pushed to strengthen a policy that's many decades old and the face of India has changed.

    So, the ancient concept of caste is not defective, it is the present concept of securing benefits in the name of caste/class that's defective.

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    The caste system was formed based on the type of work people did that time. As everybody has pointed out, it was based on people's occupation. But sooner and later, after the independence of our country, situations got improved and nowadays, these are not at all based on occupation but people are still following it as an old trend. Even if it does not have much importance in today's time. I feel people now are just taking an advantage of the reservation system that is there in place. Not at all needed, but still being taken up and utilized by people.
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