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    What does your child need apart from school education?

    Today's world is rapidly changing and there's a whole new world that can be the platform for our children to graduate, seek employment and lead a successful happy life.

    No longer would just studying textbooks or solving problems on a net-based class would be enough. They need exposure and basic skills in a whole lot of areas that can be considered as modern-day extracurricular activities and Life skills. For instance there no point in being very brainy but lacking basic communication skills. Likewise, the world is exciting and unsafe, far different from the one we grew up, so we need to equip them physically and mentally to be able to survive in this tough world of the future and be successful.
    Request members to list one such skill/talent/sport or class that will help them in the long run and explain about it.
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    Starting this thread, I would choose Self-defense as a valuable tool that we can enrol our children in. The world is unsafe and danger lurks in the school, during travel and many times when they are out in the neighbourhood. Self-defense makes children stronger, gives them the confidence to handle themselves. Both my children are in Karate classes since the last few years ( thrice a week including one Sunday).

    Please list any life skill that you think would make our children better apart from schools and tuitions.

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    This is such a wonderful thread. Here is my list of skills and essentials that children must be taught –
    1. Sex education, right touch wrong touch. To recognise when they are being sexually abused. That there should be no 'secrets' with anyone – and no game involves touching of body parts. Children should be told that they can always come to you, no matter what anyone tells them. Most paedophiles and sexual predators use threats and intimidation to control young children
    2. Civic sense is what we lack in, as a society. Lessons in making them better citizens should start at home. We must act responsibly, so children observe and pick the right habits – Follow traffic rules, do not litter, hold the door for people, use thank you & please, practice little courtesies and more such
    3. Basic skills that make them independent. Teach them to do chores, so they become responsible
    4. Teach them empathy through examples. When children watch their parents do good things, they imbibe the same values
    5. Honesty
    6. The courage to speak up and fight against wrongs
    7. Respect for others – boys, should especially be taught to respect women. It is so relevant, yet, very few, if any, do it

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    The world is now becoming a more competitive platform . Multitasking ability, communication skills, self protecting skills and path finding skills are very important. They will further become essential for the coming generations. So parents should take care of their children and see that they express themselves freely to the parents . They should also teach them the importance of values,ethics,good habits, treating others in a respectful manner etc so that they will become good citizens. Communication skills are going to play very important role and that is very important for the next generation people. They should not be depending on others when facing difficult situation and should be brave enough to solve the problems. The life is going to be very tough and everybody should be able find new ways to go ahead without compromising on the values and ethics.
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    I feel that kids need to learn how to face failures and rise above it. Kids are often taught how and why to be successful but I think it is also important to let them know that it is ok to fail. Failure is considered to be a big taboo and many kids feel so pressured to always be successful that they tend to commit suicide so as to avoid the failure. Stand and speak up for justice even if it means that you are alone.

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    Three replies so far, maybe the thread is not laid out well. Happy that all three replies have focused on things that are lacking to some extent in many regions.

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    Apart from school education there are many things that a child needs, some of them are as follows

    1.Parents Love
    2.Importance of money
    3.Importance of time
    4.Importance of Relations
    5.Healthy Habits
    6.Learning multi languages
    8.To helping others
    9.Problem solving skills

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    Hard work, sincerity, determination, focus, devotion etc. are some of the important things one should learn for being successful in life. However, since the author has suggested to point out only one desirable quality, I would prefer to select 'patience' as the most important virtue one should inculcate.
    We require patience to succeed. We should not give up on getting dejected due to failures. Failures are the real teachers and for succeeding after learning from inevitable failures, we require patience to continue.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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