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    Why do we call pizza and burger as junk foods even if they contain nutritious food?

    Do you feel Pizza and burgers should also consider as healthy food rather than knowing as junk food? Visit this forum thread to share your views on this topic.

    Most of us call pizzas and burgers as junk food. But in many countries they are one of the main food items. If we see different kinds of pizzas and burgers, they seem to be having good nutritious food inside but still we call them as junk food. What is the reason for calling pizzas and burgers as junk food? Does junk food definition change from one country to another? Otherwise, why do Westerners take so much of pizzas and burgers?
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    In foreign countries they are habituated to eat bread, bun and pizzas to control their hunger for some time. We the Indians have different eating habits. Some have break fast in the morning with Idli, Dosa or even chapathis. In the afternoon for the South Indians the rice meals is must and in the dinner again tiffin would do. If we ask any Indian to get satisfied to control his or her hunger with a pizza or burger, they wont agree and want some thing which I cited. So researchers may claim Pizzas and burgers do have some nutritional values, but for Indians they are junk foods, as they fail to fill our stomach but create gas inside.
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    Pizza and Burger can be healthy if it is made the correct way. Generally, Refined grains are used in making these items. Refined grains contain the high amount of refined carbohydrates, fat and sodium. Germ and bran are removed. Eating these grains will increase the risk of abdominal fat known as visceral abdominal fat. It will give rise to the risk if type 2 diabetics, heart diseases and breast cancer. That is why we call it as junk food.
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    According to me anything other than regular food is considered as junk food if taken frequently without limit.

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    Pizzas and burgers contain some nutritious elements if you consider a good quality meat burger or a whole wheat or multigrain bun.
    The calorie count shoots up and a number of preservatives go up when we start adding the toppings (cheese grated or slices), fillings(sauce, ketchup and mayonnaise) and take extra dips. Then comes the size of the pizza or burger.Often there is an extra item that's potato fries or cheese pasta or fried chicken. Last, comes the tall glass of aerated soft drink that's got many unwanted items including loads of sugar.
    The whole package is made to attract customers to buy more and share more due to the offers and we end up eating more. So you end up having plenty of refined items, high levels of carbohydrates, fat and salt. This brings the label junk food.

    If you can make a pizza or a burger at home or select what goes in the burger served to you and watch the size, aviod the french fries and the sugary soft drink, then you can afford to have a decent burger or a decent pizza once in a while without worrying too much.

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    Both Pizza and burger are oily foods. The base of pizza is oily, you can see it if you press it. Similarly, the burger is fried in oil. Secondly, the amount of cheese in pizzas is too much. Sauces, mayonnaise etc used in pizza/burger is not healthy. In burgers, there will be little lettuce and tomatoes, with a bun which is made out of atta. How can it be healthy? In the case of pizzas, we can find little capsicums, mushrooms, onions, sausages, chicken pieces or so. Is that enough to have a nutritious diet? The quantity of these in burger and pizzas are very less hence we will have to eat 2 or 3 of them or even more to get the basic nutrition. Hence they are called as junk food.
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