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    True experiences from astrological predictions.

    Earlier I had posted a thread related to my personal experience in Astrological prediction. I have a few more such experiences in my life. Of course these were not directly related to me. At the same time I know them authentically since the astrologer I am referring was none other than my own father. He was not a professional man, but learned the same only as a pastime. But he was sincere to the core. He never received any returns from those who came for consultation.

    In three or more cases his prediction regarding the death of some of his friends did take place in the same manner as he predicted. Generally nobody will enquire about ones death related doubts. Being friends they insisted and he was forced to oblige. In one case the concerned man was told that during such and such period the death would take place in such and such manner. Father forgot about this. But when the predicted time came the concerned party told father that the predicted time had come. Father was much worried, because he did not expect that his friend would have taken the prediction seriously. Father tried to pacify him with certain excuses. But within one week or so the person died in the same manner as father predicted.
    Father himself had calculated his own last days. He prepared everything in advance unknowingly and without giving any clues. He completed his youngest son's marriage. He visited all his relatives. Like that all pending works were completed. Also he had mentioned once that his death would be just normal lying on his cot. No diseases he expevexpectd. It was exactly in that manner.
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    A difficult situation to appreicate the thread openly because of the unfortunate end event. Emotionally its depresssing to hear about the accurate prediction of the edn time. If one were to be very sportive and has beleif in astrology, then he or she would use it to complete the unfulfilled duties and spend as much time with family and loved ones as possible.

    This reminds me of the sad situation of terminally ill cancer patients and their families. They know that its a matter of time before it happens and some resign to their fate and suffer in silence. Some marshal their positive energy and do things that even amazes the doctors. They are full of inner strength, they do good deeds for the family, get weddings organised quickly if they have children at that age, go for spiritual tours and spend their last few days in peace.

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    Yes. It is true that there are some astrologers whose predictions will go as it is.Whatever is predicted will happen. But in some cases, it may not go correctly. Astrology predictions correctness will more depend on the interpreter and accuracy of the birth time. A little deviation in the time may not give you correct chart. If the birth chart is not correct predictions may go wrong. The accuracy depends on three factors. First and the foremost is the accuracy in birth time. So the delivery time should be noted very correctly. The second one is Lagna calculation. Sometimes in computer base calculations, the calculation of Lagna may go wrong. That is why it is better always to get it calculated manually by converting the time from hours and minutes to Ghadiya and Vighadiya. That will give a more accurate calculation. Finally the interpreter. Bu the statement given by the author, I understand that his father is having very good knowledge of this science and his predictions are very good.
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    There are many branches of knowledge which can not be categorized under the modern sciences. Astrology is one of them.

    Modern science comprises of Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Geology, Geography, Astronomy, Zoology etc. These are based on laboratory experiments and are understood by basic scientific premises.

    The other knowledge areas which do not come under modern science are Astrology, Palmistry, Accupuncture, Homeopathy, Biochemical medicine system, Tarot cards etc.

    The latter category is identified by its statistical nature. What I mean by this is that if you take a big sample they may be true or false around 50 %. It is like tossing a coin for a large number of time.

    My intention is not to hurt the sentiments of those who believe in the latter category entities but what I want to say is let us use our rational thinking and logical mind to understand these things.

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    I posted this thread just to show that astrology is playing a role in our society. I too do not consider it as a Science, as interpreted now. Only the first part of astrology is mathematical. It is astronomy. That help the calculation of positions of planets and stars. Rest is yet to be proven as science.
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    True Sankaran sir, astrology plays a big role in many families and communities. Whether it's science or belief alone, people use it in good time and in difficult times. In difficult times maybe it gives hope that things can be better soon or in situations like what you have mentioned, it at least alleviates the grief of the family, who can have solace in the fact that a higher power had already decided on the occurrence of the deaths and man cannot win over this.

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    Astrophysics is a proved science only. Astrological predictions are indicative only and we should get ourselves alerted or satisfied. We should never rely on such predictions totally.

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    I have been time and again responding to various threads on astrology that if the person has the right time of birth, place of birth and the day of birth details, his astrological predictions can be made from birth to death with utmost details with future predictions date wise. This has been happening and many people are witness to it. Those who does not know the right time of birth and casually take astrological predictions, then the details revealed may go wrong as the stars change daily and constellation and position of planets matter on daily basis. And in that case one should not blame the astrology.
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