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    What does it really mean to be social and be a part of society?

    Being social meaning creating friendships and relationships with people around you. You meet your relatives a lot. Being social means, meeting people a lot. Being social means being in the society, talking about its advantages and shortcomings. Being in the society discussing each and every person, talking about their lives, criticizing them in any way. Without knowing someone, discussing their pros and corns. Being in society means following some strange trends. Do we need to be social to be remembered by people? Is it necessary to be social to let others and us invite them on special occasions? I do not think it is necessary to make contacts with everyone you know.
    My father keeps telling that you should be social, you should meet more people. I do not like to talk about people and their nature, I do not like to criticize anyone. It is their life and their way of living it. I do not think we are meant to make fun of anyone. I personally feel, if you are being social, you start finding good and bad among the people. I have seen people talking about the third person just seeing them and they start forming opinions of them. People start judging them.
    People say you live in society, you have to live with it. You need to follow good trends in it. You need to follow the rules and regulations of it? Where do these rules come from? If anything goes against people's opinions, they take it as a negative thought and start spreading that thought badly.
    What do you think about society?
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    Being social is simply creating a healthy relationship between the people around you. Now a days formation of residents' association is a best step to begin with. Try to attend social get together. Keep a smiling face when talking to others. Extend helping hand to others as far as possible. Like these types of attitudes one can become social.
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