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    Addiction to unhealthy food

    Addiction means when we get used to of a particular habit and that habit somehow starts affecting us negatively. In spite of us knowing that we should not be much habitual to that thing or process, we get to stick to it on regular basis. Addiction also means when we intake something in excessive amount. These days people are addicted to a lot of things like internet, online shopping, some unhealthy food habits. Some people have an addiction to drugs and alcohol which impacts their health heavily.

    Addiction to unhealthy food is very common these days. This is leading to a lot of diseases. Unhealthy food especially includes the junk food that we eat. Junk food includes chips, burgers, pizzas, Maggie, pasta, noodles cold drinks etc. This type of food, when eaten rarely will not impact. But eating such type of food on a regular basis can lead to obesity, diabetes, n number of diseases. This upsets the tummy and can affect us unknowingly.
    Food addiction is very common these days. Once people start getting the craving for it, it gets hard for them to overcome that habit. In any way, after a particular period of time, they will again tend to get that food.
    I have seen some people have a bad habit of having Tea multiple times in a day. Though we say that we should have a cup of tea in the morning, having excessive of it, will cause much harm to us. It is recommended to have one or two cups of tea in a day. When the limit is increased, the amount of caffeine will increase which can lead to anemic conditions in us.
    Anything consumed in a limit is good but excessive of it causes damage. Addiction to different types of food is a disease to mankind. It impacts our mind and body both.
    We should try and make strong resolutions to avoid food that upset our health. Though it is hard to stop ourselves completely, we can start decreasing the amount of intake first and then slowly and steadily make promises to ourselves to correct our eating habits.
    We could also make a habit of noting down the places where healthy food is available to eat and should prefer and try to go to those places.
    Once we are able to make up our mind to have a healthy diet, we will be healthy and could live longer.
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    A very nice thread by the authoress to highlight the importance of healthy foods in our life. There is a well known saying that - Health is wealth. It is very true. Health is the thing of primary importance in our life and if our health is deteriorated then we become dependent on others and our individuality is lost.

    Addiction of street food or junk food or food prepared in unhygienic places is very harmful for our health and just to satisfy our taste buds we indulge in taking it. The harmful effects of various colors, adulteration etc is well known and still people are attracted by them sometimes just because it is fashionable to do so.

    Keeping a control on desires to have such foods is required for a healthy life style.

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    A good subject. Addiction to junk food. this will create indigestion problem and stomach upset. Many people will get attracted to this junk food. The food may be tasty but not healthy.
    A problem faced by my son just I will mention. Every year in Hyderabad from 1st January to 15th February industrial Exhibition will be conducted. It is our habit to go one day evening to have a look around the exhibition. It is in 2010 January. My elder son completed his B.Tech. He joined in IBM, Bangalore. He came for the festival. We four went to the exhibition and my both the sons had Pizzas. The next my elder son got severe abdominal pain and motions. It is food adulteration. He suffered almost 3 months. 11/2 month leave. 11/2 month working from home This is how we will have the problem with junk food. So My advise to all, don't get addicted to junk food.

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    Addiction to junk foods, fizzy drinks, chips etc are too much that every other shop is filled with these stuffs only. The smell of junk foods, the poster which looks yummy makes people attracted to it. The sudden relief we get when drinking fizzy drinks have attracted people towards it. Like the author said these unhealthy habits can lead to various diseases. Prevention is always better than cure, so we ourselves should try to limit the intake of such foods and should try eat healthy. The number of fast food restaurants are on the increase, this shows how addicted people are towards it. Cooking at home has become less due to busy work schedule and we start depending on fast foods, which is causing serious health threats.
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    A very relevant thread. Till the age of forty, people are excessively addicted to unhealthy food, junk food. They don't go for vegetables, fruits, meat, fist, milk and other proper food. Instead they prefer oily, unhygienic food with aerated drink. After crossing forty they slowly start realising their mistake. But in many cases, the damage has already been done by that time. The damage to the digestive system becomes irreversible by that time.
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    Unhealthy food has becomes easily accesible, perfectly marked and has many offers that gets many of us hooked into habitually eating the junk food stuffs from the popular MNC outlets and well known brands.There are so many kids and youngsters who just cannot compelete their weekend without a trip to their favourite burger meal with fries and a cool glass of soft drink.

    Many studies show and if we observe our own children we can see that after junk food with the high levels of salt and sugar, they get so excited and energetic, it is difficult to get them to sleep after a dinner outside with pizzas and burgers. It's difficult to get children of these junk food cravings, we need to gradually wean them of these, this is one place where social media can help us.The videos similar to ones of coke or pepsi being used to clean rust,toilets and sinks can defensively help.

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    Adulteration to raw food materials is another reason that causes indigestion and even other health problems as Mr. Rao has pointed out. We need to be very cautious of the food we intake. There has been a lot of fake materials being added to raw meals.
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    Due to time constraints on our part, we are heavily depending on packed and instant foods which are having lasting effect on health issues in long run. We know Maggie noodles can be prepared instantly and the children liking for it is very sure. But at the same time people are advising not to use such noodles for daily and regularly as it would affect the health of the child. What I advise that house must used to prepare food at home itself to serve the kids and for that dosa and idly batter are the best bets and that are easily prepared and served. Children also loves to eat dosas and there are no health issues. So getting addicted to junk food can be avoided and discarded. One thing is sure if the elders are lazy at home and they wont take care of preparing food in advance, then depending on junk food becomes imminent.
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