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    Primary Education India - The present position

    Getting educated is the fundamental right to all the citizens of India. Government is offering free education almost up to SSC without much burden to the individual. For reservation categories even free books are also being distributed. To encourage children to come to school midday meals scheme is also introduced. Almost all the remote villages also are having primary and upper primary schools.The Government appoints qualified people as teachers with good salaries. But the actual situation if you see the schools will not have much students. Many of the students will go to convent schools conducted by private management with not so well qualified teachers and good amount of fees. What do you think the reason for this. Is it the misconception of people that convent schools are better for good education. Are the teachers from Government schools are not putting good efforts to lmpart education. Views of members is solicited
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    An excellent thread raised by the author to understand the present situation of hopelessness in Govt schools as compared to private specially the convent English schools.

    School is the place where the root preparation of tomorrows citizen is carried out. It is supposed to be a place where students learn discipline and acquire knowledge today to contribute in the growth of nation tomorrow. To a little extent all the schools Govt or private may be achieving this objective but in totality we are lacking far behind in the overall development of our education system to the extent required.

    The Govt schools specially in remote and small places are marred by poor infra structure like no lighting, bad furniture or even sometimes no furniture, no maintained wash rooms, even roofs are not there in remote areas, lack of monitoring and supervision, low morale and low motivation due to corrupt educational governance, apathy, frustration and unwillingness of teachers to update their skills.

    Lack of updating the syllabus and delayed use of modern educational aids and methodology worsens the entire educational system. Educational system is treated as an individual sector for development and improvement though nothing can be done in isolation. It is the overall development and improved infrastructure which is required like safe drinking water, residences for teachers, local market and entertainment, improved service condition, better incentives for remote and difficult locations, local subsidized canteen facilities. Internet and email facilities etc.

    Some of these issues are addressed to some extent in private schools and that is the reason that upper and rich class will prefer to send their children there.

    These things are linked to the overall governance in the country also and if there is an overall growth of the country in respect to governance then only we can hope that educational sector will also look up.

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    It is unfortunate that even after such a long time after independence we have not been able to achieve a uniform educational system in the country.
    There is a lot of difference between Govt schools and private schools and that is creating an unnecessary difference between the mannerism of students between these two categories. Parents feel proud that their children are studying in convent.
    This is not a healthy trend and I think Govt will be bringing some radical measures in this area soon.

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    We had a similar discussion some time back, I'm not sure how much of the above is really being implemented. I think for the underprivilged, children often are used to support the family in farming, household work,looking after small shops and sometimes work to support their families.There must be a traditional view in villages that kids are better contributing to the family rather than sitting at school. The midday meals are an incentive but how much is given in terms of quality and quantity needs to be assessed. The infrastructure also would not be upto mark in all places.
    On the other side, private education has more 'brand value' and 'brand appeal' even if the real quality is not excellent. Here parents are also to be blamed.
    To me, a combination of facts that government schools are not good, private schools are better and the possible preceived social stigma makes us flock to the brand school names even if they are expensive.

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    According to me the primary education in the present era is designed by high skilled experts by dumping various subjects at a time in the beginning level, the framed the syllabus by keeping in their mind about the earnings of private schools. People also just seeing their own credibility and dignity but forget to see the children. Many children of 4th standard do not know to read,write and speak words ind languages but they have been loaded with many books etc., They must be given training to equip themselves for read,write and speak in mother tongue,communicative lanvuage-english and common language hindi.

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    For the information of all I would like to place on record that my whole education was with the government schools from Primary to Intermediate education and what I found that if dedicated school and college teachers are present, even the government school and colleges can bring far reaching changes in results. The work guarantee, high salaries and no pressure from higher ups in government, makes the teachers not to be bothered or concerned about the progress and results of each students they teach. If they are made accountable to each student, and set the target by the DEO , I think every teacher would have a fear factor and they would work in tandem with progress of the education. If the government teachers create congenial atmosphere of good teaching and rewarding each student, good education can also be guaranteed right around.
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    This is an issue discussed very often. Education must be given uniformly to everybody. Actually the facilities of a school is important together with the qualifications of teachers. In some of the private schools physical facilities are better. But the teachers are not qualified. The management appoint underqualified teachers. Such people will be available for lesser salary. They may not have never undergone training. Students are forced to study by heart. And they just vomit the same in the answer paper. Naturally the students get high marks. Net result is that they complete the school education without any idea about the society or nature.
    I have seen several school going kids who do not know how the rice is grown, though they takein daily rice preparations. They are not seeing children of their age dressed untidy and torn out clothes and with half filled stomach. Because they travel in school buses from their houses to schools and return in the same way.
    Those who study in Govt. Schools may not have travel facilities arranged by the school. Hence walking is the only alternative or coming by public transports. There they come across all types of people. They learn about their surroundings and understand how the people live around. These understanding is part of education.

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